Cook Islands Travel information

Cookies Islands travel information

The Cook Islands - Travel Information The 4.5-star rating identifies those objects with well-equipped, luxurious accommodation, a wide range of facilities and a full service for guests. This excellent feature offers a really clever escape. The rumors of luxury villas and spa in Rarotonga make this South Pacific destination in the Cook Islands an excellent get-away destination - it's a wedding trip, or just a simple tropic holiday.

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Only 4 flying hrs from New Zealand, these 15 small islands in the South Pacific are full of stunning landscapes, stunning activity and lively Maori cultur. Rarotonga, the principal isle, has a girth of only 32 km, but what it needs in landmass is compensated by its population.

It is a pulsating center between the south islands, overlooked by high mountains, from which luxuriant rainforests are cascading to palm-fringed banks. Aitutaki is a small peninsula with a 45 km long Laguna and the best sands. It' s simple to understand why it was mentioned in the volume "Unforgettable places to see before you die" - the clear blue water and bright sandy beach will take your breath away. Surely this is not the case.

This northern archipelago is the ideal place for fearless explorers looking for peace and quiet and a country unspoilt by man. Walk and enjoy a liveaboard tour through the breathtaking countryside just a few moments from your front door, discover your secret feeling of underwater adventures and immerse yourself in the crystalline blue-water.

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This South Seas island has a wide range to choose from, from complete relax to something more adventure like scuba-dive, bonefishing or kitesurfing. The Aitutaki is an award-winning tropic heaven and one of the best beaches in the underworld. Aitutaki is truly heaven on earth in Steve Davey's Top 40 Unforgettable Places to See Before You die - so let's show you how memorable this is!

Atiu is known as the island of birds and is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors.

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