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He was able to expand into the tattoo industry. In this photo Su'a Sulu'ape Peter tattooing an American. Mouluga has Samoan tattoos on his arms and legs. in Tahiti, Australia, USA (including Hawaii), Palau and American Samoa. Samoa, where he developed his knowledge of art.

Heritage of the Tatau Festival | American Samoa

Only a few wards before Tisa in 2017. Do you know that the largest American Samoa exports are Samoan tattoos? American Samoa has brought a name to Pago Pago's who-is-who tattoo scene for years of advertising the tattoo. "We' ve revitalized Tatau painting and over the years we' ve been exporting more Samoan tattoos than NFL gamers and soldiers," says Tisa Faamuli, Tisa Tattoo Fest Foundress.

The most important thing is that we are developing a tourist gadget for the troubled tourist industries in American Samoa that need help. Every year tourist and visitor come to our archipelago to make their own personal tattoo. And this year, Tisa's Tattoo Fest, is proud ly highlighting the best tattooists. Municipal performers do stunning arts not only in the paint, but their spin-off is remarkable.

Su'a Fitiao Wilson from Matu'Ăș is known worldwide for his tradition of tattoos by Pe'a and Malu Tatau. Today Su'a also instructs Samoan tradition at the Pacific Horizon and the American Samoa Ad-Collo. Continuing the tradition of fibre making, he taught new generation, the craft of tapas making.

Su'a is traveling around the globe to support the American Samoa arts by performing the Tatau together with his family. It was this pair of artists who gave good will to our land by spreading the arts of our forefathers with the multinational and indigenous people.

Su'a researched the skill of constructing a sailboat of our forefathers and successfully navigated the harbour of Pago Pago with the recently constructed boat during the screening of the renowned MOANA film last year. This was well accepted and encouraged by everyone on his first trip to the port of Pago Pago.

Another award-winning Tisa's Tattoo Fest performer, Duffy Hudson uses a tattoo gun to create his favorite designs that are used in the tattoo industry today. He broadened his tattooling carreer to include paintings, inspired by his tattooing. You can see his astonishing works in many of the city' s best places, in some of the city' s best places and in some of the city' s most famous cinemas.

She is a very popular tattooist among clients outside the Isle. Tatau Manaia, also known as (beautiful tattoos) in English. Login to his Facebook page to get your tattoo. Ioane joe, had quite a successful tattoo printing job.

As a prizewinning performer, Joe four instances at the Tisa Tattoo Fest created the first tattoo store OFF THE ROCK, on the Isle and a good name for serving his art. ASIAN SAMOA is proud to have a nice tattoo store that is a good representation of our islands and will meet the needs of our people.

Him and his woman Uila extended their tattoo store to provide fashions for men, woman and kids. Her new line of clothes is also strongly inspired by Joe's tattoo careers and the full backing of his lovable bride Uila. Situated on the pretty coast of the Avau hamlet off NuĂșuli, just south of the city.

The Uiligitone, comes from a well-known artistic background, he is a grandson of the renowned Sau Uiligitone of Vaitogi, and is no unknown in the tattoos. As with the remainder of our tattoo artists, El is a freestyle performer who has won prizes for the best tattoo at the fair and is very much in demand for his freestyle inks.

We' re pleased to welcome tattoo artist Paulo Mauia from the Fine Tattoo Shop of Samoa, who honours the annual tattoo festival with some of the best inks of the last three years. We' re greeting one of the best tattooists who represents himself from Tonga. Last year Otto won the best prize at the festival for smaller tattoo designs.

Search for this one of a kind and finest artists of inks at the festival in the Alega town from 26 to 29 October 2017. Take part in the festival and become a supporter of the Tisa's Tattoo Festival.

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