Barrier Reef Accommodation

Accommodation in Barrier Reef

Inexpensive accommodation Barrier Reef Islands area with beach access and sea or beach views. The Barrier Reef Hotel is a listed hotel on Abbott Street, Cairns, Cairns Region, Queensland, Australia. Great Barrier Reef in Tasmania. The Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. We have selected a range of accommodation options for you when you visit the Great Barrier Reef.


It' the biggest reef in the whole wide open sea and is made up of almost 3000 single coral corals, 880 islets, as well as several hundred and thousand different species of plants, birds and sea animals. Out reef dives and daily excursions on the reef are some of the most frequent leisure activities on the reef, as are sightseeing and rain forest excursions to Kuranda and the Daintree Rain Forest.

Accommodation is available in a variety of ways along Queensland's tropical north shore! A number of breathtaking reef islets offer great accommodation throughout the reef. It all revolves around life style (just ask the locals) and with the variety of outdoor pursuits we can help you with a reef outing, a scuba dive vacation, the ultimative angling experience or just a little sight-seeing for you.

Over 2500 km along the Queensland coastline, most of the reef is located in the tropics and subtropical area. North of the reef is in a tropic environment with warm, humid summer with lots of rains and damp.

Grand Barrier Reef Luxury Island Resort

The northernmost of the Great Barrier Reef resorts and a luxurious Australian luxurious chalet, Lizard Island is truly remote from the outside worlds. It is just a marvelous fact that does it like nowhere else. Cairns' one-hour fly allows you to experience the real grandeur and size of the reef, and the reef is virtually on the reef - no long boating trips are required to experience one of the world's greatest miracles of nature.

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Accommodation Great Barrier Reef Resort

An unspoilt, unspoiled and reserved Great Barrier Reef pitch with luxury safari-style tented accommodation, just six throughout the islands, enough for a group of just 12 guests*. This is a privately owned sanctuary divided by 11 of your neighbors and loved ones, your own chef and bartender, and some of the world's most elusive critters.

You will be diverted - not by contemporary cobwebs or stress, but by the incredible natural beauties of the Great Barrier Reef itself; by the slender limbs of small rockets of panda fruit tree vaulting into luxuriant ground, by the illusory but enchanting sheep fowl that nest quietly along the way, and when you get there at the right moment, by the little sea tortoises that plunge freshly from their balls into the sea to revive.

Situated in the waters around our gorgeous Great Barrier Reef is home to some of the most stunning dive sites in the whole wide open sea - mushroom corals in all colors, shimmering blue, bright orange, astonishing yellow tones and unbearable rose-blue.

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