Good to go Guam

Well to go Guam

Really and island favorite and we are serious when it comes to delicious food. " I was scared, but my friend wanted to leave, so I brought my little sister. Situated opposite Acanta Mall in Tumon, Guam. A beach where stingrays have breakfast, divers and snorkelers never get bored. Long waiting time if you go during the lunch break (long waiting time according to Guam standards).

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Near the Hyatt on the same side of the road. When you are opposite the Hyatt, turn to your lefthand and go around a part. That little thailand-style place is astonishing and has blown everyone else away. Large servings and good meals! The best meal in Guam! Situated at Guam Holiday Resort on the 2. storey (Tuman Bay).

It is a refreshment bar-restaurant open for lunches and evenings (occasionally closed). You also have a meal card (at least for breakfast). Every evening is a different topic, from Filipino to barbecue and others, and often the evening meal includes either beers or wines (Friday evening is Heineken).

Our breakfastbuffet costs $25 pp. Supper is $47 p.p. Regionale Italia. There is an appetizer luncheon and a large selection of pasta, pizza and specialities for supper. Every evening they have a different topic (like the Hyatt buffet). Thai good eating (but jump the egg rolls/Lumpia - unless you like fat).

Skipping this place and go to Ban Thai if you can. It is good (not good, but good) and resembles a Guam-style Denny's. Several Guam specialities like Ham Hocks and Mongo Beans and the Spam Scrambler. Good thing about this place was the cost - about $7 for a person's luncheon.

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Guam's #1 Beach Bars by the sea with great meals! The most popular place in Guam. Relaxing beach bars with volley ball, sea, mountainbikes and more! Lovely tropic ambience, palms and the best sunset vantage point in Guam. Ideally situated next to the Nikko in the Tumon area of the hotels to see the various packs available at this "best of the best" hour.

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