Currency used in Rarotonga

In Rarotonga used currency

In the Cook Islands, the main currency is the New Zealand dollar. The Penrhyn Island Airport Map shows the location of this airport on the Cook Islands. Cook Islands are denominated in the New Zealand dollar, supplemented by notes and coins minted for local use.


It is denominated in New Zealand dollars. Following the 1995 credit crunch, the Cook Island US Dollars, which had traded at the level of the New Zealand Dollars since 1987, were pulled back. However, both New Zealand and Cook Islands are used, although the coin is of no value outside the Cook Islands.

Tangaroa's Cook Islands US Dollars Medallion is an unusual gift. Travelers cheques are about three per cent more valuable than bankcurrency. Currency exchange on an Outlying Isle is hard or even impossible to do - do it before you get out of Rarotonga. Upscale hotel and restaurant establishments are accepting major payment methods, and bankers give advance payments in currency.

In many places it is not possible to use small fee payment by bank card. Value-added taxes of 12.5 per cent are levied on all purchases, service, activities and rental.

Transfer funds to the Pacific Islands

You should be careful when selecting a cash remittance provider to match both the remittance charges and currency conversions. The Fund may be held back or not available due to certain transactions such as the amount sent, the target market, currency access, currency and regulation matters, recipient actions needed, agent opening times, agent ID requests, timezone variations or the choice of deferred option.

Please see online terms and conditions for further information.

Discount flights from Broome to Rarotonga, Cook Islands

When' s the best moment to see Rarotonga? Apart from a small differences in temperatures during the summers and winters, there is no hard times to go to the Cook Islands. The low seasons of Rarotonga are in the summers (November to March). It is also the rainy period of the isle with the option of cyclone.

When you are planning to fly in December, it can be difficult to find a flight, as many Cook Islanders return home on vacation. The peak period (April to October) is in the midst of the island's tropic winters. The temperature is lower than in the summers, but it's not too dramatic that it will spoil your tropic seaside vacation.

Due to the high number of visitors during this time, air travel is more costly and hotel prices are up. However, if you choose to go, you can experience the migrations of moguls right behind the islands coves.

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