Lanai Hawaii Attractions

Ianai Hawaii Attractions

Attractions & Activities not to be missed. Store Lanai holiday offers now. Get reviews for Lanai, HI Family Attractions. View photos of Lanai, HI attractions and get tips from other families to plan your trip. Find out more about the rich history of the island by visiting some historical sites of Lanai during your trip.

Holiday Highlights of Lanai

The Lanai is the place to sunbathe in tranquillity and tranquillity. Bottom is just a foretaste of Lanai's civilization, miracles and opportunities. From another planet you can wander through this countryside and ask yourself how exactly this is possible. Particularly in a place like Lanai. Lanai's past as a nursery bears with it a long history of horseback rides that continues to this day.

So you can experience the same sense of liberty and amazement by enjoying the beauties of Lanai this way. Lanai Equestrian Center & the Koele stable offers riding trips while the Grand Lodge provides its own sheds. There are 2 salivary world-class greens in Lanai.

Lanai's exclusiveness also means you can take your own sweethearts. Have a look at the ratings of the Lanai Hotel or order a Lanai holiday package now! When you' re up for something beyond the Hawaiian trek, you may come to Lanai. View the best Lanai holiday packages.

In one of the beautiful Lanai Hotel you can even start by reading ratings and even booking your rooms.

 9 Best Things to Do with Children in Lanai, HI

This is the name of the Surfreal Garden of the Lords because, according to the ancient hawaiian legends, the stones that are now so attractively posing here have fallen from the sky by the Lords. When you stay at a Four Seasons residence on Lana'i, you can use deck chair, parasols, snorkelling gear and sandy playthings on this beautiful, unspoiled Lana'i beaches.....

It is a moderately hiking tour in the centre of the Iceland, which lasts about 2.5 h. It is probably the best walk from the age of 10 (although I would not hesistate to... The small non-profit open-air exhibition provides visitors with a marvellous selection of objects, photographs and information about the culture of the "Pineapple Island" and its residents.....

Koele Lodge provides horseback riding for 9 and older riders (children 8 and older can take a brief trip around the barn). Horseback riding is gentle (the ponies are quiet..... Lopa Beach on the eastern shore of the archipelago, just South from Kikoa Point, is accessible by 4x4 vehic.

From the Lanai Cemetery to the Lanaihale, Lanai's highest cemetery, you can walk, ride a 4x4 or take this steep seven miles route..... Not surprisingly, you need an all-wheel driven car to reach this one of a kind destination. The Shipwreck Beach is more worthwhile for adventures than for a swim, which is not really.....

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