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The Outer Island Properties include Molokai and Lanai. -For more information or to plan a tour of any of these beautiful properties. in the Hawaiian Islands. Lanai.

lanai: The work of a multibillionaire in the works

Meanwhile, you've probably learned that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, a multibillionaire, recently pledged an estimate of $300 million for 98% of the island of Lanai in Hawaii. This sale contained two Four Seasons Estates and almost all of the island's 140 sq. m. area. Now, the drama is surrounded by luxuriant wooden panelling and chairs with a view of an aspamarine pooldeck that extends to the hotel's almost entirely private sandy beaches.

There' s only two other hostels on the island, the cosy, high Four Seasons Lodge in Koele in the chilly highlands - with a redesigned grandselobby, a renowned course waiting for a Jack Nicklaus face-lift ('unknown opening date'), and the 10 room hotel Lanai, recently acquired by Ellison. "Listening to that, I supposed the prior proprietor was billionaires-mogul Rupert Murdoch, but soon found out that it was actually David Murdock, the leader of the hawaiian agglomerate Castle & Cooke, who possesses Dole Food, and 98% of Lanai, who recently acquired Ellison.

Have a look at the Chinoiseries before the last changes in our game. Besides the contemporary Hawaii look in the foyer, a new Nobu venue is being built. Reservers who book new rooms (requesting a $200 bonus over older rooms) will receive $100 in residence funds for a stay of four or more days.

Let me find the only other individual on a "real" corporate journey on this small island in Hawaii. From the General Manager's front desk at View's distinctive new course view facility at the resort, I ran into Erik Barnes, who works in retail for Algae Aqua-Culture Technology, Inc.

There he was to support his company's products on an island that Ellison sees as a sustained, self-sufficient eco-topie that involves converting old pine apple orchards into biological crops and glasshouses, double the populations (from currently 3,000 to 6,000), the addition of freshwater desalination facilities, a new Hawaii University satellites and more.

And with all the new emphasis and activities on Lanai, it will also have a new face. Ellison Island Air, which now operates 5 ATR daily services to and from Lanai City (LNY) from a recently renovated club-like Honolulu International Connections airfield, was acquired in February 2013. Ohana by Hawaiian Air operates three daily services with a colourful float of aircraft created by Sig Zane.

The fare from Honolulu is currently around $70 each way (there is no non-stop connection from the continent to Lanai). Free, high-speed Wi-Fi is available at Four Seasons Lanai City Airport. Do you have a new cardholder on the open exchange? Have a look at our BEST Credite Cars for Business Travellers and get the offers!

Do you have a new cardholder on the open exchange? Have a look at our BEST Credite Cars for Business Travellers and get the offers!

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