Where is Yasawa Island

So where' s Yasawa Island?

The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is located at the tip of the Yasawa Islands - whose name means sky - famous for its white sandy beaches. Weather forecast for Yasawa Island, Western (Fiji). Yasawa Archipelago is a group of twenty volcanic islands and small islands extending northwest of the Fijian region.

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Yasawa is an archipelago in the northwest of Fiji. About 30 resort are located on the 12 large island group. The majority of the resort offers simple accommodations and food with easy acces to nature and culture. The Blue Lagoon" Awesome Adventures Fiji offers the Yasawa Flyer as your main transportation to and through the Yasawa Isles from Nadi.

Even though in good conditions it can be better value for money, the flyer is the best choice for longer journeys, e.g. to and from the isles. We have an agency on Hauptstra├če where you can make reservations. They' to help you decide which island to visit, how long and where to spend the night.

Yasawa is a good organization that doesn't try to trick you or persuade you to remain in one place instead of another. Yasawas are handsome and untouched. Two of the best nature experiences are walking (many of the isles have high mountains that offer a great view of all the surrounding islands) and snorkelling or scuba-dive ('sleeping' on the cliffs is something of a dive (most of the isles have a certain amount of marine activity, although you should read the commentary on the reefs).

There are even a number of beautiful snorkelling spots on some isles right on the shore. Mantas can be seen as they pass a flat stretch between the island and islets. The majority of the island have good walking possibilities, e.g. Wayalailai, where you can watch the sunrise, or walk the length of the island and traverse the estuary to Waya.

Nearly all of them will have someone who can instruct wicker or wristband making with leafs of palms and bananas. On many of the archipelagoes, there is a frequent ceremony of cava. In smaller and more private isles it would be impolite to reject them. There are also daily excursions on the island to see nearby towns and school.

There are some of them with memorabilia, but they are usually less expensive to buy on the land (e.g. on the roads and market of Nadi). Most importantly, the most important gift you want to buy is a replica of a village sulphuro. We have three food tiers - (i) frugal dishes and food sideboards that run out, (ii) large portions of carbohydrate-rich food, and (iii) wide, varied, wholesome food with infinite sideboards to cater for every appetite and taste.

When you have an allergic reaction or a high nutritional taste, you must speak to the cook as soon as you arrive on the island (lunch often follows soon after) and describe it in detail (e.g. "must be boiled separately from meats, seafood, chicken, oystersauce, spices, etc.").

Much of the refuges deliver potable beverage at mealtimes, but sale facility ($4-$5 for a 1. 5 metric capacity vessel) at different case. British backpacker will be pleased to know that there is an abundance of beers ( "Fiji Bitter" or "Fiji Gold $5-6 per can"), and most hotels will also offer other types of alcoholic drinks incl. drinks ($10-18 according to venue and cocktail).

There is a kind of budgetary retreat on most isles, where you spend the night in a dormitory or Thatch. On some of the island there are significantly more upscale establishments. The night life of the hotel also influences your night's rest. Potable is a somewhat limited resources on the island, but is usually provided free with food.

If you decide where you are, the last thing you need to consider is the environment and the activity that is somewhat personal. Adventures Awesome Fiji, offers backpackers accomodation package on the isles. Parcels vary from 3-12 nights and contain lodging, boat transfer, food and entertainment. The Barefoot Island Lodge, ? +679 670 1823. The Kuata Natural Resort, ? +679 651 0504, +679 651 3598.

Long-beach resort. Mel Bravo Resort. The Nabua Lodge Resort. The Nalova Bay Resort, ? +679 666 9055. The Oarsmans Bay Lodge, ? +679 672 2921. Mantra Ray Island Resort, ? +679 664 0520, +679 672 6351. The Botaira Beach Resort, ? +679 666 2266. The Coconut Bay Resort. The Korovou Eco-Tour Resort, ? +679 651 3173.

The Manuka Bay Escort, ? +679 672 3559. This is Qereqere resorts. White Sandy Beach. Saigon, California, Coral View Escort, ? +679 922 2575. David's Place, ? +679 665 2820, +679 672 1820. The Kingfisher Lodge, ? +679 665 2830. Oto-Thanny's, ? +679 666 6481. This is Turtle Island. A seaside resorts that gains glory for its celeb honeymoon.

Adi' s Place, ? +679 665 0573, +679 992 6377. BAYDREY Resort. October Resort, ? +679 666 6337, +679 666 6442. The Waya Lailai Eco Haven Resort, ? +679 666 1572. <font color="#ffff00">Navutu Stars, ? +679 664 0553. Resort Sanawai. The Mamanuca Islands - The Mamanuca Islands off the Denarau coastline provide gorgeous crystalline water, palm-fringed long sand and plenty of hard corals.

You will find isles, towns, resort to see, snorkel and swim.

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