The Big Beach is the largest sandy beach on the island of Terceira. It is Portuguese for "third" - as in "the third largest island" and "the third largest island to be populated" during the Portuguese discovery period. Terceira Island, one of the main entry points to the Azores, together with the islands of Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial form the central group. The third island in the Azores was called Terceira because it was the third island discovered by the Portuguese. It is simply the third island, but some of its waves are first class.

Holiday and tourism in Terceira - Discover Terceira Island and Angra do Heroísmo on your holiday

Located in a former 17th c. Francescan cloister. You will find everything from the car to pottery, from guns, medals, coin, navigation tools, sculpture, paintings, furnishings and china, etc. In addition to the Museo, the abbey is also home to the St. Francis of Guia Basilica, known as the Our Lady of Guia, a wonderful example of 18th c. ecclesiastical architectural practice.

You can also just adorn the churches figures and tiles.

you have to try out seven things

It is the second largest of the Azores, but it is number one in the world. The Terceira is an obligatory pit stop for all those who are looking for unexpected scenery - or a place where they can organize the Iraq war. Basílio Simões e Irmãos: a period capsules in which you can buy large quantities of seed, candy and tea.

Público de Angra Jardím: also known as Jardim Duque da Terceira. It is a classical multilevel park, next to the Angra Museum and the Alto da Memória, an obelisks built in honour of King Pedro IV of Portugal's stay in Terceira. Pubs and dining rooms have adjusted to the needs of the tourist and the kind invasions of the US NARR.

The Terceira Isle has the biggest plain of the group. Most of the inside is covered by the platform and can be seen from the Serra do Cume overlook. Allow yourselves to watch the animals and steers, and don't be amazed if they make you stop in the midst of the street.

If you came to Terceira to prepare for the incursion of an oil-rich Arabian land, you should take your own sweet moment to go to Serra do Cume (a peculiar name that means the" peak mountain" literally). From up there, the views recall either Lord of the Rings, a verdant blanket, a mossy orchard or the greatest concentrations of soccer fields in the game.

There are several newsstands selling regional specialities: try the queijada and marmalades. Tip: The renowned Biscoitos vineyard, already created during the first humans colonization of the islands and only recently revitalized, is located directly by the ocean. You' re not leaving Terceira without trying an Alkatra, right? It is the landmark of the isle and a must for everyone who enters Terceira.

alkatra " does not mean bovine meats, but the meal itself, which is boiled in a saucepan for 12 h. The name "alcatra" does not mean bovine meats. Alkatras of meats and cattle are always accompanied by Massa sovada (azorean sweets ) - as a mushroom for this sauce-rich meal.

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