Robinson Family Island

The Robinson Family Island

One Swiss family has to survive the shipwreck on a desert island. You should be here," he said, "because they can be found on all South Sea islands. Indeed, it is an island where the adventures of the Swiss Robinson family could have taken place. As most families on the Turks Islands, they were big on Salt Cay. On a deserted island a Swiss settler family gets shipwrecked.

croatian family Robinson anyone? - A look back at Chole Mjini Lodge, Mafia Island, Tanzania

They are the embodiment of country-style elegance, with enchanting Swiss family Robinson-like features such as the roller system in every log cabin, so employees can bring a cup of afternoon coffe and a cup of coffee to their room. So we lived in TREEHOUS 1, which is actually constructed in the twigs of a thousand-year-old bayabree.

At night the sea breezes through the tree house to rock you to your heart's content. It is an island full of atmosphere and historical charms and characters, with the remains and old flowers and flowers that give the whole place a mystic atmosphere. Best of all, there are no other large islands on the island, so you really get a remote island feeling.

All our excursions and all our activites were well organised and went smoothly, also with the additional boating trip to the island. Bathroom are long outbuildings (kept as tidy as possible but can be daunting for some people), and the tree houses are obviously all outdoors, so there are a lot of funny beetles and other weirdoes.

Although this may seem like "roughing" to some individuals, it still makes it feel like a very relaxed, un-plugged, luxurious vacation and a great way to re-connect with the outdoors.

Jungle of 1000 dangers (1960)

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During the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, young Mary Grant and her sibling Robert set off on a treacherous search for their lost dad, a skipper who disappeared somewhere on the Chilean coastline. Ernst rides the Clementine bouquet during the competition and begins to circumnavigate the cone halfway.

Will we ever open these other parcels? : These are for Fritz and Ernst. : But if they don't come back?

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