Unknown Human Species

The Unknown Human Species

One scientist claimed to have discovered evidence of a whole new human species. Australians carry DNA of an unknown "human" species. Partly modern man, partly Neanderthal man.

Aboriginal Australians are carrying the genetic material of an unknown "human" species.

Recent research has provided intriguing detail about Aboriginal and Pacific islanders who, according to expert opinion, are carrying a human species' gene. New research indicates that Papuan and North-East Australian humans have trace amounts of human genes that belong to an undiscovered, endangered human species. Obviously, there is still much that genetics and researchers do not comprehend about this decisive time in humanity' s development, and it seems that research on this topic raises more issues than responses.

Harvard Medical School scientists in 2016 released the results of a major human genomic survey around the globe and found something amazing about Australia's indigenous people. It seems they have a set of genetically identifiable labels indicating that they are offspring of an as yet unknown human species.

Bobler and his team have researched the amount of dead hominids still carried by people. It is thought that our forebears emigrated from Africa 100,000 to 60,000 years ago to make contacts with other hominids that inhabit the Euro-Asian land mass. It is assumed by pundits that this relationship has still influenced us today.

"It is our primary objective to comprehend how our breed has reached the point where it is, but to do so, we must first examine the old strain DNA," said Mallick Swapan, the study's lead researcher and specialist who has studied the origin of the human gene for most of his time.

Mr. B. B. E. B. explained that the new trial collected the genetics of 142 different human population groups around the globe that had previously been under-represented in large trials. Swapan says the most unbelievable elucidation of this new trial is that the Aboriginal gene coding shows that they bear the gene expression marks that indicate the old crossbreeding with an unknown "human" species.

While it was originally believed that uncommon genetic marker could indicate that Aborigine progenitors were crossed with Denisovan's hard-to-find old species, this theory proved to be wrong. Following the analyses, the researchers found that the genetic marker differed from the Denisovan marker, which led them to conclude that they had found evidence of a completely new type of the old human species.

The indigenous Australians are known to be the offspring of the first humans who came to the Australian peninsula from Africa about 50,000 years ago. Aboriginal beliefs are that the Aboriginal population has been insulated from the outside world for thousands of years, which is why researchers thought that their genome codes would be relatively homogenous.

"Aboriginal Australians from East Australia and West Australia have genetically different signs as a European and an Asiatic person," Swapan said. An unbelievable variety of Aboriginal genes and the strange genetical markers that indicate that they were crossed with an unknown human species in the past show that there is much more to be discovered about the old world.

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