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We have our roots in education, both online and offline. We are constantly expanding our app portfolio across the most important platforms. A suite of web and app utilities that can be embedded into your software or website. Find out more about our product range online. " Hi-Rez Studios firmly believes in building games alongside our community.

WIFI phone for free on the App Store

Make the most of your mobile with Hi, a free communications application that makes free WiFi calls/video calling with your mates. You can also transmit text, voicemails, picture and videomails. Saving your valuable hassle and your budget; change from telephone to hi-fi-free WiFi now! REAL FREE WIFI PHONE:

AES 256-bit encryption and extreme security for all Hi-Communication! Simply take advantage of free WiFi calling and free home movies calling. There' s no limit to the amount of times you can call and you can speak to your buddies and your loved ones for as long as you like. AVAILABLE INTERNATIONAL: You can make unrestricted global voice/video phone conversations between your Hi-contacts for free and in crisp sound fidelity.

There' s NO ADD, so you can speak to your buddies and your loved ones in this extremely secure application. 720P High Definition Videoconferencing: The high definition videoconferencing call will bring you and your loved ones together wherever you are. switching from voicecall to videocall: You can change from voicecall to high definition videocall.

FIRST 10,000 GB OF FREE VIDEOCLOUD MEMORY WORLDWIDE: You will never lose your mobile and you will never miss a second with " Hi ". Thunderclap technology lets you synchronize all your pictures and movies to Hi and erase your favourite files to free up your mobile device. Your message is saved while your telephone is off or without a computer connected.

Delivered/Sent Status for messages, advanced privacy settings, group chats, voice messages, tens of thousands of free animated stickers, multi-login, web chat, free custom chat bubbles, share locations, free custom wallpapers and easy to share people. Hi app uses your mobile phone to make phone conversations, unless you specify to use only WIFI with the "call out" function, but it never worked for me.

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