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The Nigerians may stop existing in 12 years time Gen Momah

ABUJA - A former Science and Technology Secretary and unique adjutant general and commander, training and teaching order, Major General Sam Momah has cautioned that Nigeria could stop being a nation in the next 12 years if nothing was done to overhaul it. Also, General Momah, who was Secretary of State between 1995 and 1999, said that the 2019 election in the state will be a turning point that will determine the unification of the state.

Commenting in an Abuja based conversation, the pensioned general, who has written many volumes, among them "Restructuring beyond Oil", said that there were signs that the state would probably disintegrate if nothing was done to reorganize it, and added that the 3015 climate conference in Paris, France, was an indication of the threat of disaster if the recommendations were not followed at the meeting.

The Council urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to accept the call for a reorganisation of the countryside in order to preserve Nigeria's unit and livelihood. Upon his counsel to President Buhari, if he was to be elected for the second mandate, he said: "Well, I believe that if Mr President is fortunate enough to have a second mandate, he must ensure that he is laying a very solid policy base for a present-day Nigeria.

"The Nigerians can't go on shaking. Mr President, when he speaks or whoever comes there must ensure that Nigeria is reorganised. "Reorganization is essential. The same has happened in Nigeria over the last 118 years and we are not achieving good results.

Some of us have therefore vehemently called for this. "About eight years ago I was writing my textbook saying that Nigeria goes beyond separation, and that is why I recommended that Nigeria should be restructured. "It is very much the case that Nigeria is an isle of riches in the sea of destitution.

Very few will have the moneys they can buy jet and everyone thinks Nigeria is wealthy, but what is per investment earn? "Nigeria has been making this unsuccessful state alarm since 2007, which means that we are on the verge of being a doomed state. Every time we slide into a failing state.

To upset Nigeria, and to do all these things, we need to reorganise. "That is why I take this occasion to point out to Mr President that this restructuring is not optional, there is no otherĀ option. "This means that by 2030 no further use of fuel, gasoline or carbon will be made under this CPA.

If the whole wide globe decides not to buy our olive grout, what do we do? Why would anyone say we shouldn't do this? This is not a question of the South and the South, it is a question of Nigeria's continued existence. "We need to look seriously at this and that is why my second volume on the other side of the Atlantic is about Nigeria's overhaul.

May I draw the attention of our citizens to the fact that this reorganisation should not be political. This is a crucial thing that will otherwise have to be done in 12 years, Nigeria will break down in 2030 and we could be caught in a life of up to 100 years of conflict.

"For example, you can think of Nigeria with 200 million inhabitants, 350 different nations and 50 different tongues, if a conflict leads to a civilian conflict, then it will be outright. We must not allow that to take place, and so I say we must reorganise. "All that will prevent us from getting into this confusion or disaster is to reorganise ourselves and do so now that little cash is flowing from the fuel, so that we will be able to speed up the system.

It also said that former President Goodluck Jonathan has been setting the speed for holding reliable polls and hoped that forthcoming leadership would follow him and even become better to allow a free, equitable and trustworthy poll. The Nigerians should deny anyone who tries to fight to hold reliable polls by calling next year's polls a turning point and a year that would either spoil or spoil the land and a year that would determine whether or not the Nigerians should be united.

It' s a year in which Nigerians should choose whether or not to join forces, anyone who struggles with it should deny it," he said.

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