Engineering Honor Society

Honorary Society of Engineers

OXE : The Chemical Engineering Honor Socity. The National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society an der University of California, Irvine. The Steel Ring consists of excellent high school students from the University of Applied Sciences. The National Industrial Engineering Honor Society. Construction and Environmental Technology Department.

Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi was established in 1885 at Lehigh University, making it the second oldest honorary society in the country.

Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi was established in 1885 at Lehigh University, making it the second oldest honorary society in the country. For over 100 years, its continuous effort to create a close fellowship of engineering undergraduates with outstanding learning and outstanding characteristics has made it the oldest and most respected Engineering Honor Society in the country.

The Tau Beta Pi is also the only Engineering Honor Society representing all areas of engineering. The Tau Beta Pi has established an enviroment in which our undergraduates can be recognized for their hardwork and in which they can make more contacts with the region's bosses and experts.

To join Tau Beta Pi means to become part of an organisation that is larger than any single individual or school. The Boise State Tau Beta Pi is an Idaho Gamma Chapters founded on March 13, 2010. It is a group of over 100 members, a growth of the best engineering graduates at Boise State School.

As an Idaho Gamma Youth, being accepted into the Idaho Gamma Channel means you are in the top 12.5% of your year. In addition to technology, Tau Beta Pi is involved in charitable work, and throughout the academic year there are several voluntary and charitable activities for members and prospective inaugurators.

Contacts for organization: Boise State e-mail address: sterlingcroft@u.b... Organisation Designated e-mail address (if applicable): idahogamma2010@gm... Abbreviation of the organization (if applicable):

engineering college

The Honorary Society of Construction Engineering, Chi Epsilon is committed to the promotion of the construction industry's state and the maintenance of a high level of quality services. The Epsilon Sigma Pi is open to the best graduates of the Faculties of Economics, Education and Health, Engineering,..... Eta Kappa Nu is the honorary society of the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

The Omega Chi Epsilon, the Honorary Society for the Engineering of Chemistry, fosters scientific research, fosters inventive research in the engineering of chemistry and acknowledges precious characteristics, dignity and management qualities. The Pi Tau Sugma award honours excellent achievements by engineering undergraduates and awards engineering practitioners for excellent work. A multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering world, Sugma Xi is committed to cutting-edge research, the promotion of scientific commitment and the promotion of young scientists.

Tau Beta Pi was established in 1885 and is the second oldest honorary society in the country and the only honorary engineering company that represents the whole engineering world.

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