Cheap Fiji Island Resorts

Fiji's cheap island resorts

Favourable offers: 10 best resorts in the moment Five-Stare for lessons in fiji forego fiji island resorts and safe a lot of money by remaining on the island of viti levu. Outrigger Fiji is one of the cheapest five-star resorts, offering snorkeling along the shore, an award-winning spas, welcoming personnel and fabulous nana services from $244 per person per day.

A BAG BAY ING IN A BALI Bali provides an inexpensive excursion, especially if you are actually there, but upscale resorts in trendy Seminyak, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua can be expensive. This new Mantra Sakala Resort and BeachClub Bali is an inexpensive and marvelous five-star find that features classy excavations on Tanjung Benoa beach near Nusa Dua, free children's nightclub, free Wi-Fi, accessible spas, and more from $128 per city.

Alternatively, you could stay seven days for a $1668 four-person group with a wagonload full of them. Self-Catering Oaks hotels and resorts in top quality venues across Australia and abroad can save money by sacrificing luxurious amenities such as room meals, day-to-day service (except CBD properties) and the port. Situated along the busy Townsville food belt, the Oaks Gateway on Palmer is one of their best, with luxurious suites and an outside swimming pools that offer magic ocean and magnetic island vistas across the Ross River from $127 per hour.

Jim Thompson's 148 rooms with satin furniture begin at $208 per room with a massive bonuses for the under-16s. This tranquil four-star SAMOA sandy spot provides a beautiful sandy spot, a beautiful thermal baths and a view to be killed for.

Fale starts from $US389 or stay six days from $1609 per capita via Helloworld and Viva! Castaway's modern rooms and motels look out over the tranquil coral sea to Darks Island through palm trees. There are two swimming pool facilities at the Beachside and a great price of $190 per overnight stay, but packages are the way to go with extras such as breakfasts and hot tub credit.

Situated on the Kalpitiya Penninsula in a picturesque bathing area, CEYLON THE MONEY radiates this beautiful beachside Thai beachside retreat with cottages and mansions in luxuriant surroundings. Our all-inclusive prices make it a full-board theft from $US210 per room per day in a single but classy shelter. When you leave in the middle of the week, Marty's in Little Beach provides you with a discount on a stay in its tastefully appointed, self-contained flats and rooms in the Port theme park between two of the most beautiful sandy spots in Port.

Starting at $285 for three days in our Queens Studios with cheeseboard, glass of voucher for water sports and music. Situated in the South Male Ă…toll, this 160 Villa, whitewashed, indoor, fancy dining, an exquisite spas and a paradise for scuba diving and surfing from $US297 ($414) per person pernight.

Purchase an all-inclusive pack with food and drink at an even better price. Situated on Vanua Levu, Fiji's second biggest island, it is one of the best families' resorts in the atlantic. Each under-five year old gets their own nursemaid from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm (later or sooner if necessary), five year old or older gets a friend and all of them have free entry to the Bula Clubs, which is the best children's clubs in the Pacific.

The six-nights all-inclusive parcel for a four-person host family is priced at around $6,150.

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