Top ten things to do in Waikiki Hawaii

The ten most important activities in Waikiki Hawaii

The Pearl Harbor / WW II Valor at the Pacific National Monument. The island of Oahu, known as the "meeting point", is the third largest island in the Hawaiian chain. Oahu Island offers a wide range of activities, especially in Honolulu. This is a must if you are planning a trip to Hawaii and want to know the secrets and tips of Oahu! To the east of Honolulu, near Hawaii quay, is Hanauma Bay, one of the most famous snorkelling spots on the island.

The Top 10 Things You Must Do in Oahu Hawaii

It' a top 10 best action in Oahu, Hawaii. This is a must if you are planing a Hawaii journey and want to know the best Oahu mysteries, things to do and more! I have been asked innumerable time and again by holidaymakers for advice on what to do in Oahu, Hawaii for 9 glory month in 2009.

Thought it would make a good FAQ posting to score out our top 10 favorites things to do in Oahu, Hawaii, for anyone who dreams of Oahu or who heads to there on vacations and is looking for things to do or see. Consider that these are the best, only in our modest view, and that there are many other unbelievable things to do and see on the Isle.

I made a long more than 10 of our favourites so I reduced it to our MOST favourites. As I know other folks don't agree with this listing and say that other things are better than what I've mentioned, but as I said, they're just in ours.

Ten things you need to do in Oahu Hawaii: I walked with every single group of families that came out, and I loved that experiance every second. I heard the tales, saw the videotape of the attack on Pearl Harbor, walked through the monument and saw how the spill was still going on in the cove; it grabbed me every second.

Legendary Waikiki Beach is a must if you're on Oahu. When you visit us, you may stay in Waikiki, as most of the island's properties are there. In the daytime the views of Diamond Head[top, bottom] are breathtaking and the beach is beautiful.

Surfing, snorkelling, angling, a dining trip or a stop at one of the many beaches. The Waikiki is full of nightlife, stores and other entertainment to entertain you. Diamond Head is actually a state memorial, and it is as much an iconic part of Oahu as Waikiki Stand.

Walking to Diamond Head is simple enough to hold most people; I've seen girl doing the tour in high shoes! A favourite photo I have ever taken is from the top of Diamond Head and is hanging as a giant screen in both my parents' bedrooms and my parents' bedrooms.

The Makapu'u Point Lightthouse Trail is a walk similar to Diamond Head, but less commercialised and organised. The walk offers more unbelievable vistas and other nice places of interest such as old army shelters and a nice beacon. On the picture below, the little tortoise isle on the skyline on the other?

There we named our home - Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH). I had Matt living there for 3 years when he was not sent to Iraq, and I was living there for 9 consecrated month in 2009. It is a great place to go snorkelling and there were lots of snorkelling out there!

The Hanauma Bay is another unbelievable snorkelling spot. All I complained about snorkelling here was that we must have gone at low water. Walking at a flood or just dealing with it might be worthwhile. and we stayed at the MCBH, which is on the upwind side of Oahu.

The Waikiki and Diamond Head are on the southern side. Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe was totally amazing and gave you the feeling that you were in a luxuriant Hawaiian jungles. One of my very first journeys to see Matt before I left for good, he took me to Maunawili Falls on a footpath through the Oahu jungles.

It was a feeling I liked to be deeply in the luxuriant jungles and it was unlike anything I had ever seen before in my Iife. This walk takes you on a path through the jungles, across some brooks and eventually to a breath-taking cascade. The Maunawili Falls is one of the most important reminiscences I remember when I think of Oahu and Hawaii.

It' a lot I have in mind for HAWAII. On our trip along the north coast we once came across this shore, but I know it is by no means a covert one. While you are going up the north coast towards Haleiwa, you will see a full car park just before Haleiwa.

This is Laniakea, better known on Turtle Bay. Turtle Beach is one of her favourite souvenirs when my folks say they're in Hawaii. Getting in our cars and driving around the Oahu was one of my favourite pastimes while we were living in Oahu. Circumnavigate most of the islands by slicing through the centre, which gives you a view of the scenic pine apple groves and the Dole Plantation.

One of the most important sights on a trip around the islands are the view, the tasty orchards on the outskirts of the motorway, the shrimp trucks and shakes along the way, and when you get to Haleiwa, you can get at Matsumoto's or Aoki's Shave Ice. A sundown on North Shore is also an unbelievable way to see Hawaii.

Our last favourite spot on Oahu is on the extreme south-west side of the isle. Most of the rest is located either in the south of the isle, on the east side or on the northern bank. The Ko'Olina Lagoons are located on the south-west coastline of Oahu. These are unbelievable sandy and calm water because of the wave -blocking canals.

And I felt like a sea virgin on the Ko'Olina beaches! After living on the other side of the isle, we went all the way across the isle to the lakes. Here you have it - our Top 10 Favorite Things To Do On Oahu, Hawaii!

As I have already said, there is much, much more to do on this amazing isle. An Oahu, Hawaii travel guidebook will point you to some of the jewels you may not otherwise find and will give you advice that can be very useful. One of the things I did was to buy and check Oahu's uncovered coverage to help us find many of the must do's we would otherwise have had.

Also, things are changing fast, so it is possible that some of these suggestions will be changed over the years. Googling to the International Marketplace was one of my favourite pastimes in Waikiki, and as I wrote this listing, I found that a few month ago the International Marketplace was shut down and demolished to house a Saks Fifth Avenue.

An Oahu-based journalist, however, said that many providers have moved from the International Marketplace to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meeting. For the first since we left in September 2009, Matt and I are planning our trip back to Oahu. You ever been to Hawaii?

Oahu, or one of the other isles? Which were your favourite pastimes? Be sure to give this a look to do a few more things you need to Oahu Hawaii!

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