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Fiji-Island Australia

Apacific, Air Vanuatu, Jetstar, Korean Air, Virgin Australia and Air Pacific. Study Trips in Australia, New Zealand & Fiji Discover the South Pacific civilization and wonders in this year' s programme for high schools in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Enjoy the island of Fiji, New Zealand's mountainous winters, the craggy outback and Australia's stunning underwater world. Throughout the three seasons she wrote for the international guidebook Let's Go and traveled to Australia, Greece, Austria and Germany to discover globetrotting towns as well as far-flung isles.

Anzley has been spending years in India, South Africa and Argentina to study city topics around the globe. Previously she directed programmes for high schools in the UK and currently works as a private tutor for secondary and high schools, blogs for Times Out Los Angeles and appears as an actor and singer.

He has directed to the World of the Year, Ansley hat Putney's Cultural Exploration Australia, New Zealand, & Fiji und Middle School Costa Rica Programme geleitet. Depart - Travel days - Start your South Pacific adventures with the group. Join your classmates and one or more of your chiefs in Los Angeles and take a flight to Nadi, Fiji.

5-day Fiji - Begin your adventures in an Eco-codge in Fiji, a South Pacific tropic heaven. Attend a primary education center in a neighboring town, learn about Fiji civilization in the afternoons, and take part in Fiji traditions rituals. Featuring sandy beach and snorkelling, diving, surfing, horse riding and volley ball, the chalet is an excellent starting point for discovering Fiji and getting to know your group.

4-Day Christchurch and the Maori Experience - Say Farewell to Fiji and take a flight to the wonderful South Island of Christchurch, New Zealand. Discover the town, stay two nights in a Maori settlement and learn about the old tradition of the oldest preserved people.

Dancing the Maori Martial Arts Dancing School, explore how Maori mythologists are represented in their arts, and take part in a Maori Hang tradition. Kiwi Home Stay - 5 nights - Accompany Kiwi homestays to a five-day home stay. You' ll see how to make a scissor cut, a home-stay game with siblings, a New Zealand tradition food or a "tramp" with your kiwi group.

The two guides remain in the city during the host family and the group meets for trips throughout the entire group. New Zealand downhill and cross-country skis - 3 nights - Explore a variety of New Zealand's most popular resorts, where adventurous skiers of all levels can enjoy a variety of snow-capped pools above the tree line.

Cruise the Whitsunday Island - 5 nights - Take a flight to the beautiful Whitsunday Island and take a boat to spend several nights onboard. Watch cetaceans, dugong and dolphin from the boat as you make your way between the island. Sidney - 3 dagen -. Enjoy living Sydney.

" The Sydney Opera House is a great place to go windsurfing and enjoying cafes and art galleries while exploring the narrow alleys and alleys of this flourishing, metropolitan world. 5 Day Outback - Take off for the Alice Springs Municipality of Australia and start your adventures in the Outback towards Uluru, the world's biggest outback.

Departure - Travel Days - Take a flight from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles with your group and a guide, then on to your ultimate destinations. We may, however, make changes to enhance the programme's overall sound qualities. Galen's host family was a real firecracker! Because of the travel activity of this programme abroad, every single working days is different.

This is a snap-shot of a Whitsunday Islands trip. Standalone Projects - Follow an autonomous projects and research an issue of particular interest to you - get to know the effects of reef fading as you research the Great Barrier Reef, know the South Pacific rugby regulations and cultures, or write a cookbook of genuine Fiji cuisine.

This is a recreational programme and you should enjoy nature and a variety of everyday sports. When you have a diving certificate you have the possibility to do several logged missions in Australia and Fiji. Throughout your host family and the entire programme, you must be prepared to help with the day-to-day tasks that are part of your life together.

Accommodation - Accommodation ranges from small family-run guest houses to camping in the Australia backcountry and moorings on a sailboat to shelters high in Snowland. Our accommodation offers communal and outdoor areas for local church gatherings, project work, conviviality, etc. The supervisors live with the student throughout the programme.

Meal - During our adventures we will enjoy many different kinds of cuisine, which are cultural in nature. The majority of our dishes are eaten in local eateries, as lunch picnics or in the houses of our Kiwi, Aussie and Fiji people.

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