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Attractions in Fiji

These are some tips you can follow to attract more tourism to Fiji. He was Luke Sauqaqaqa, living in Fiji. The Fiji Museum is located in the beautiful Thurston Gardens and is the oldest museum in the South Pacific.

Activities in Fiji - Tourist Attractions

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Fiji's top tourist attractions

This is a listing of the most important sights in Fiji. Here only the most important travel goals are introduced. If you want to see other places, please have a look at the pictures from Fiji. Wondering if one of these places in Fiji has made it one of our best tourist attractions on the global itinerary? All tourist attractions in Fiji and other places can also be seen on our menu.

The Kula Eco Reserve is an environmental reserve in Fiji. It' on Fiji's biggest isle, Viti Levu, near Sigatoka. This area was initially created as a birds' reserve in the 80s, but was purchased by Kula Eco Parc Management in January 1997. Today the complex is a favourite tourist destination with an ample system of walks through the gardens and a variety of attractions.

Mt Tomanivi, formerly called Mount Victoria, is an extinguished vulcano in the north highland of Viti Levu. Tomanivi is the highest peak of Fiji at 1,324 m. All of the major rivers, the Rewa, Navua, Sigatoka and Ba, have their sources in the middle upland area. The Thurston Garden is the Fiji Botanic Garden.

Formerly known as Suva Botanical Gardens, their name was altered in honor of the fifth governor of Fiji, Sir John Bates Thurston, who was governor from February 1888 to March 1897. The Thurston Gardens is situated in the centre of the Suva, between Albert Park and Government House.

The Albert Parc is in Suva, the Fiji city. Albert Parc can play two rougby games at the same game. In the centre of the grounds there is also a field for playing football with a tribune and a cafe. It was the site of a landings of the Aussie pilot Sir Charles Kingsford Smith during the first trans-Pacific plane from the United States to Australia in 1928.

This was also the place where the new Fiji nationally ensign was first raised on 9 October 1970.

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