Fiji Island City

Fijian island city

The island of Denarau is connected to the mainland of Fiji by a bridge and is conveniently located near Nadi's colourful city centre and international airport. Nadi is the city in which everyone lands. It is a really small and busy â??cityâ?

. "Comrade a great dinner with family and friends at the newly opened Saffron Tandoori Restaurant in downtown Damodar, Suva. When you want to live in the city, but on a smaller scale, then the capital Suva is the right place for you.

Iiji Island

It is the capital island of Fiji. adi is the city where everyone ends up. This is where you will find most of your most important transports to the other parts of the island. Bus stationadi will take you either to Lautoka, the second biggest city and the Fiji Zuckerstadt or to the Sigatoka to the west and to Suva to the easter.

Sigatoka is the next favorite city in Vanua Levu. The Sigatoka is a city on Fiji's biggest rivers. Here are several of the most visited tourist sites such as Sigatoka Sand Dune National Park, Sigatoka River Safari, Kula Eco Park and mudslides. Although it is a really small town, it acts as a centre for the surrounding towns and in the mountains.

The Pacific Harbour is about 2-3 hrs from Sigatoka and one hr from Suva. This is one of the most visited dive sites in Fiji. There are 8 different types of sharks, among them hammerhead and tiger sharks. On the way across the next island, Beqa, there are other sharks with other onshore activity such as four-wheel drive trips, walking and cycling.

The city of Suva is the largest and most important in Fiji. Once you arrive at the coach station, you are immediately in the hubbub of a gigantic city with towering monuments and many motorcycle riders, quite different from other parts of Fiji. It is a great place to find out about Fiji's past and present, which you have never known before, where the city and flea market is a place where you can test your negotiating skill.

Colo-I-Suva Forest is a beautiful natural preserve for those who want to flee the bustling city. Coming from Suva you can take the coach to the northern side of Vanua Levu to reach historic towns or ferryboats to the east and south isles. Attention: The timetables must be verified in advance, as the ferry does not go to every island every day.

For example, the Taveuni or Viti Levu ferryboats run twice aweek, on Fridays and Sundays, and the ferryboats to the Southern Isles sometimes run once a months. Fiji's third biggest island offers some of the purest and most pristine scenery you can find. An 18-hour drive from Suva or a 5-hour drive from Savu Savu to Viti Levu or a 2-hour plane from Vanua Levu will take you to a relaxing island of Taveuni.

During the twentieth and twentieth centuries, the date line halved the island, the north was today and the south was over. When they realized that this was an apparent issue, they laid the line so that the whole island would be the first place in the worid to see the sun rise with the first shop to open and the first breaking notices.

The most famous as the soft corals capitol of the globe, Rainbow Reef is running along the Somosomo Straits. The Uluigalau summit is a craters with a sea and one of the most rare flowers in the whole wide area.

On a long coach trip to Bouma Falls National Parc you can hike to the 3 beautiful falls and bathe in them.

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