Fiji View

View of Fiji

Try it, TOM BOWEN, Fiji vs. ENGLAND. From the mountains of Waya Island. The concierge is at your side to offer you enriching and unforgettable experiences.


Our beach front rooms and suites combine stylish beachside accommodation, breathtaking vistas and luxurious facilities, offering tempting entry to one of the best beach in the game. Surrounded by modern archipelago decor and generous open-air habitats, wake up to the sounds of the South Pacific waves that ebb away the sandy beach on your front door and end each and every morning with a front seating for a glittering sundown at our Fiji Beach Resort.

The beachfront rooms and suites are 63 and 85 sq. m. respectively and have 1 king-size-beds. The suites offer extra room for them. Free linen is provided for under 12s unless a roll away roll away is necessary and a free breakfastbuffet is provided at the Sanasana Restaurant together with an accompanying person when you book it.

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The MV Reef Endeavour is a small 130-passenger cruiser whose intimacy ensures that all guests enjoy a personalised experience in an environment of freedom and relaxed. The MV Reef Endeavour has 4 accommodations with 63 suite, ocean staterooms and porthole-cabs. "This is our twelfth ocean voyage, mostly on big ships, and to be perfectly frank, it's the most enjoyable we've ever had.

Fiji has been to the island many a time and we are hoping for another captain-cooking-trip. Are you prepared to explore the best of Fiji?

Szeraton Resort & Spa, Tokoriki Island, Fiji

Situated on the only side of our adult resort on our islands, this resort with the sounds of the ocean and the Pacific Ocean view from the 12 Tokoriki Ocean View recreation rooms provides real easeĀ . Breathtakingly roomy, this room provides a contemporary interiors with welcoming interiors and exteriors.

It stretches over the four sides with a front opening onto a separate dive tank and providing immediate entry to the luxuriant tropic garden.

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