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Moroccan culture was in decline when French influences and demands conquered the island. Culinary delights of French and Polynesian cuisine in the dining room with your fellow travellers. Below you will find a description of the dive sites that you can visit during your dive safari as M/V French Polynesia Master Cruises around the Marquesas Islands. Find out more about the cruise port of Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia. This is the smallest inhabited island among the Marquesas Islands.

Ker & Downey - Marquesas Islands

Marquesas is the most northern archipelago in French Polynesia and is the most mountainside of the archipelago. They are characterised by a breath-taking and varied area. Scenic rocks rush into deep creeks, remote refuges that can only be reached by a 4×4-car. Legend has it that the beauties of these mountains ideals seduce the vocalist Jacques Brel and the artist Paul Gauguin to spend their last years on the isle of Hiva Oa.

Besides the impressive, untouched landscape, the visitor will explore the thriving Marquesan cultur.

The Marquesas separates from the rest of French Polynesia

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, 30 November 2016) - A Marquesas Island burgomaster in French Polynesia has affirmed the archipelago's desire to relax its relations with Tahiti in order to become its own French unit. Speaking to French TV, Felix Barinas said that a mission of majors had been to Paris to look for ways to amend the status of independence, which is valid for all French Polynesia.

Mister Barinas said that the Marquesas could take the example of Saint Barthelemy, who became an independent unit abroad in 2007 after the electorate authorised a separation from Guadeloupe. Said the concept had ripened over seven month and was supported by all six Marquesas masters. Barinas said it was not a break but a check to promote the interests of the Marquesas, which are about 1 500 km north east of Tahiti.

Discover the French influence on this Pacific island on a cruise on the Marquesas Islands.

When Alvaro de Mandana, the Spaniard who discovered the mythic country of Ophir, where he thought he would find King Solomo's landmines, stumbled across the island, the Marquesas first met Europeans. before he left the United States. These contacts included several overseas missions to the island, among them attacks on slaves.

Those attendees also introduced illnesses that accelerated the depletion of the local people. It was not until 1842 that the French colonised the island. Writings show that the indigenous populations at the beginning of the 19th century were around 90,000; forty years after French colonisation, they fell to less than 6,000.

Moroccan civilization was in a state of decay when French influence and demand conquered the Isle. It is good to know that since the 1990' the Marquesa's inhabitants have tapered down to 8,000 since then. The Marquesas cultural tour can offer the chance to enjoy a relaxing Moroccan civilization.

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