Upper North Island Map

Map of the Upper North Island

Strategic Alliance of the Upper North Island (UNISA). North South Island and the West Coast travel guide South Island has been cut by snow, icy waters and tectonical upheaval. All the process is still fast. Here, the gentle farmlands and rugged forests of the North Island are substituted by snow-capped hills, icebergs, rivers stretching over vast gravel plains, and in the north-east by drowning riverbanks. The northeastern edge of the South Island is occupied by Marlborough.

Marlborough Sounds bay and bay (the submerged riverside valleys) rinse around bush-covered promontories and sands. The Marlborough is also New Zealand's biggest wine-growing area with more than 27,000 hectares of grape. It is a relatively droughty and sun-drenched area, and on a misty summers days the interior plain can look like the American West, with peaks overhanging the drier plain.

On the northwestern edge of the island is the sun-drenched Nelson area, which has a relatively gentle weather that offers a variety of year round open-air pursuits. The Nelson Municipality is a living place with good dining and a living community of artisans and craftsmen. It is also the gate to three major international wetlands, sandy areas, walking trails and boat trips.

The Abel Tasman National Park in the western part of the town is surrounded by spectacular blue-green water with gold sand and rugged cliffs and is home to the beloved Abel Tasman Coast Track. The Kahurangi National Park with its marbled karstic hills and the famous Heaphy Track lies in the southwestern part of the park.

Further southwards, Nelson Lake's National Park with its glacier ponds, bush walks, longer walking paths, mountain pass and snow-capped summits is a favourite destination for both kiwis and international visit. Following the softer areas of Marlborough and Nelson, the wilderness of the west coast is a tragic rival.

Mountains, glaciers and rainforest hikes, rock-limbing, brief rainforest and coastline hikes, glaciers and sightseeing tours are favourite pursuits on the west coastline. The Upper South Island is surrounded by gold and wooded coves. Game The Marlborough Sounds and the Abel Tasman coastline are home to several island reserves that protect New Zealand seal and other unique game.

In Marlborough and Nelson, the sunshine of the sun means that the bunches fall from the vine. Marlborough, Murchison, Reefton and the West Coast all have a powerful heritage of mines, whether they are for cash or mines. The Nelson and Marlborough are attractive all year round, but the best time for sea sports is from December to mid-March, when you are planning to be in the sea....

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