Yasawa Island Resort and Spa

Island Resort and Spa

The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is an exclusive retreat on a remote and pristine island. Treat yourself to a trip to Fiji in our beautiful all-inclusive resort. Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is the place to be if you are looking for a conveniently located hotel on the Yasawa Islands. Treat yourself to a treatment at the full-service spa and enjoy the amenities of the Yasawa Island Resort such as the free children's club and outdoor pool. Located at the northern tip of Yasawa Island, this resort offers luxurious accommodation in an unspoilt environment.

Resort & Spa Yasawa Island

"The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is an exquisite resort on one of Fiji's most secluded and untouched isles. It may be an island of solitude, but it is also an island of abundance. Eat in the restaurants, on the beaches, in your office or under the star. Home of Fiji's first lido, Yasawa is just a few meters from the sea, on a smooth, sandy stretch of land.

Loneliness - This is our favorite activity at Yasawa. Visiting the surrounding towns to see the kids or listen to the chorus. Yasawa includes all Yasawa related services (except spa treatment, dive and sport fishing). The resort is named Yasawa Island, the most northern island in the Yasawa Islands area.

It' so secluded that it will take 30 min. to get directly from Nadi by resort charter or 5 hrs. from Port Denarau Marina by high-speed Katamaran shuttle to Nanuya, an island just to the South of Yasawa, and then another 1 hoour. The Bure interior has been re-varnished in brighter contemporary shades and all Bure ceilings have been substituted in nice Fijian mahogany floorboards.

Spacious hiking trails have been laid out. There is a diving centre at Yasawa Island Resort for committed scuba diver. Yasawa's best advise is not to hurry your vacation. Now Yasawa Island Resort & Spa has a 3 overnight min. all year round and we must say that we wholeheartedly support this politics, as a 3 or less overnight stays would not do this place any good.

  • Non-valid for visits during the "Family Weeks" ? 30 March to 22 April 2018. - Throughout the week, the honeymoon state will be determined at the moment of reservation. Out of the 18 Bure at Yasawa Island Resort, 6 are called the Bure Suites Beachfront, 10 the Deluxe Beachfront with one room. There' s a 2 Bure Beachfront bedrooms (Drodrolagi) and an astonishing One Bedroom Honeymoon Bure Beachfront with en-suite swimming pools (Lomalangi).

They are all gigantic and have built-in interiors and exteriors, high ceiling and tile floors leading to large wooden floors. Each Boer has an undisturbed sea view. One of the special features of each office is the possibility of an outside showers; go directly from the sea over the sandy beaches to your decking and into your outside hands.

The Bure Suites Beachfront: The Bure Suites Beachfront, which are situated in 2 unit to 1 unit clusters, are distributed throughout the resort. Half-shielded room on the front of the Bure with sea view over the decks. Bure Suites have an area of 115m2 inclusive decks.

Max. occupancy: 3 Adult or 2 Adult and 2 Child during the family week. The Deluxe Beachfront is a one bedroom: With 135m2 inclusive deck these Boers have an enormous dimension. There is a split-level layout to create a seperate sleeping area. On one side there is the changing room and the bath room and on the other side there is the large living area.

Max. occupancy: 3 Adult or 2 Adult and 3 Child during the family week. Two bedroom Deluxe Beachfront Bure: The Boer is a huge 230m2 inclusive deck. Situated on a hill, the Boer offers a magnificent view from the bedroom, lounge and deck. Max. occupancy: 4 Adult or 4 Adult and 4 Child during the family week.

Two trundle beds for kids can be added in the lounging area. The Honeymoon Bure Beachfront: 209 sq. m. inclusive deck, the Honeymoon Bure is similar to the Deluxe Bure One bed room - shared floors etc. One single bed and one trundler bed can be added in the children's living room.

Arrival to and from Yasawa Island Resort & Spa. The Yasawa Island Resort is chartering a plane from Nadi Airport which leaves every night at about 2:00 pm. Passengers take a 35-minute fly to Yasawa Island Airport and then a 7-minute street shuttle to the resort. According to the number of passengers approaching and leaving on one single plane per night, this is a state-of-the-art nine-seater turbo-prop airplane of the type XL 750, a five-seater amphibian airplane of the type Beaver, a Brittan Norman Islander or, for the early charter, a two-seater Cessna 172.

From Nadi Airport to Yasawa Island Resort: From Nadi at about 14:00 hrs, Yasawa Island Resort to Nadi Airport. The Yasawa Flyer will take 5 hrs and the speed boat from Nanuya to Yasawa 1h. The Yasawa Flyer has 10 stations per route between Port Denarau and Nanuya Island. During the" Family Weeks" kids under 16 years are looked after.

Familyweeks Dates: - All office types available. Citing the Yasawa Island Resort: Yasawa's Kachi Club offers its young visitors an entertaining and organically designed programme that introduces them to the Yasawa Islands' cultural, environmental and wildlife life. Yasawa's Kachi Club daily activity is designed to suit the different age groups and interests of the group.

Yasawa's young discoverers have a lot of enjoyment studying on the beaches, under the ocean, in the villages and with our fantastic people. If they meet their families in the dinning room during mealtime, we ask them to be quiet and respectful so as not to disturb the atmosphere in the evenings for those who do not travel with kids or who decide not to eat with their family.

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