The Bohemian and colourful hill maze of Valparaiso has long inspired poets and writers. The syncopated, dilapidated, colourful and poetic Valparaíso is a wonderful mess. Valparaíso lived up to its nickname "The Jewel of the Pacific" in the middle of the 19th century. The historical quarter of the port of Valparaíso. Find out more about some interesting local Valparaiso stories.


The colourful and Czech hilly labyrinth of Valparaiso has long been an inspiration for poet and writer. Walk through the alleys, scale the infinite stairs, take the historical funiculars and take in the panorama view from the many high vantage points. Experience the thrill of the sea at one of the city's many carnival festivals or spend New Year's Eve in stunning fashion at Valparaiso's sea firework display celebration.

Shop or try fresh fish at the fisherman' s amusement area! Marvel at these historical monuments and savour the marine heritage of the state! Of all the stations my mum and dad made on their trip to Middle and South America, Valparaiso looks like the most cool harbour. It seems to be full of cultural life, living arts and a colourful city with rainbow of colourful outbuildings!

I' d like to have spent a few nights in this quaint harbour. To speak to the people of the valley, Valparaiso to the crowds... and a mouth full of tourist (here nothing is "Valpar-aa-ee-ee-ee-so")... Whatever you call it, you will definitely get away and agree that Valpariso is a nice, lively muddle.

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