Avarua Cook Islands Cost of Living

Cost of living Avarua Cook Islands

This is the only disadvantage of life in paradise. Is the project going to result in lower costs for infrastructure users? The department is located on the ground floor of the NZ High Comm office in Avarua.

There' s poorness in the Cook Islands.

It is too costly to be in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Anything is too overpriced, from food to gasoline to housing (e.g. rental or even mortgages). I' d like to discuss this with Mark Brown, our new Secretary of the Treasury. Have a look around, there is impoverishment in the Cook Islands. We have overcrowded homes, low rental prices, laughably dumb interest rate on loans on mortgages, and a deteriorating family and child population.

You' re looking at the number of petty robberies in Rarotonga. They allow immigrant laborers to come here, and they see that it is very costly here in Rarotonga. but you already know the cost of living in Rarotonga.

They all speak of the continuing concerns of the dwindling populations of Aitutaki and Rarotonga, etc... Rarotonga is a paltry five bucks an hours salary for the reserve salary. lve been trying to be in Rarotonga for over 20 years. Mark, gas costs 1.30 Dollar per liter, non-alcoholic beverages 99 Cent for 1.5 liters.

Mark, look around the isle, young homes have kids, how do you want them to live off the shit you, our administration, pay them? Mark, you're the new Secretary of the Treasury.


So what do you think when you listen to that sentence from South Pacific Isle? Can you believe how much you' ll get for your holiday? I see a lot of sand and waves on it. I' m thinking of all the well-known islands' tropic resorts like Tahiti, Bora Bora and Fiji. I' ve just reviewed Expedia and a week's holiday with flight+hotel in Bora Bora begins at $2,700.

What about the Cook Islands instead? It is a little off the well-trodden paths for US travellers, but it has great sandy beach, a wonderful laguna (surrounding Rarotonga) and trekking itineraries. Is it possible to spend a great holiday in a tropic islandhaven?

It' s hard to be cheaper when the plane fare begins at about $1,000, but I manage to get to the Cook Islands for a little less than that. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to make my South Seas Isle dreams come true and make a stop on Rarotonga, the Cook Islands' major isle.

I could choose a room on the Rarotongan Resort Rarotongan for $380 per room per night if I were on my last one. But I was travelling alone then and I was inexpensive. When I found Vera's on-line, I thought I'd try this Muri Strand Youth hostel.

The Muri is the best place on Rarotonga for snorkelling and bathing. I' m paying NZ$20 a day for a room on the shore! Eating was a small issue because there were only resort and hotel accommodation in the Muri Strand area and the mealtimes were quite high.

Vera had a shared galley for the backpacker and I made plain sweets like PBJ, marmites and tomatoes. The backpack tourists collected funds one evening and made a large pan of pastas for everyone. It is well known that backpack tourists would rather pay for cigarettes and beers than in a pub. There is only one street around Rarotonga and you can take a coach.

At one point I hired a motorbike and drove around the beach to see other beautiful sands. So I had to go to the DMV in Avarua, the Cook Islands capitol, and get a licence to hire a motorbike. I spent half a full working days, but I used the opportunity to go to Avarua and buy myself a meal in a local food court, so the trip was not a complete waste of it.

Going to a worship in Cook Island Christian with other backpack tourists, I had a great day to hear anthems chanted in Mauri. Afterwards, the cathedral continued to feed us lunches. Otherwise I snorkelled, swam, walked on the beaches and just laid back. I' also had a great backpacking holiday with Vera.

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