Www American Samoa

Wwww American Samoa

P.F. Suina Ocean Center Tauese Thausee P.F. Sunia Oceans Centre is a visitors' centre of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa with fascinating displays for all years.

Oceans Centre is a centre of study, education and exploration celebrating the importance of the oceans' rich heritage and heritage in American Samoa. Exponates deal with the value of the reef, the ecosystem of the oceans, the integration of our civilization into the reef ecosystem as well as the human and ecological threat to our reef.

A major exhibit at the Ocean Center is the SOS. SOS is a one-of-a-kind and engaging teaching aid used in scientific galleries, visitors' centres, aquaria, labs and colleges around the globe. Ocean Center is a multi-purpose facility that can also be rented.

Girls & Boys Clubs of Samoa-America

American Samoa's Boy & Girl Clubs ensure that every young person in American Samoa is in touch with it. As the doorbell is ringing after class, the club door opens into a wide range of avenues. Every village has its own rest and society for young people. More and more kids are at home, without adults or on the streets when schools are cancelled.

Boy & girl clubs provide that and more. Rotary clubs provide community service and support programmes that encourage the growth of young people by providing a feeling of competency, usefulness, affiliation, and impact. BGCAS was established in 2010 and has ministered to literally thousands of young people from American Samoa. It is open every morning after class and in summers when young people need the most prolific opportunities and a secure place to study and develop.

It is our task to encourage and empower all young and especially those who need us most to develop their full capacity as prolific, conscientious and nurturing individuals. The goal of BACAS is to provide a first-class club environment that ensures that every young man who passes through our door can be successful.

Our aim is to help all members to complete their schooling with a vision for the near term, while at the same time showing good personality and civic spirit and leading a healthful lifew. Boy & Girls clubs are a place to grow and study - and have a good time. Acknowledging our responsibilities to strengthen the young, BGCAS is committed to the following principles:

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