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Accommodation Bora Bora Bora Bora

The paradise of Papeete for you Papeete, the capitol, is the liveliest place on this otherwise tranquil and interesting mixture of Franciscan, Polish and Asiatic culture. Get away from your daytime troubles and get on the road to serious recovery and recreation by staying at a deluxe Tahiti holiday destination. 5-star Le Meridien is easily accessible from both Papeete and the international airports, with a large number of rooms overlooking the lake and gardens and a deluxe bungalow dozens.

The 4-star Manava Suite Resort is located on the outskirts of the Laguna - where contemporary accents complete the doubles and suite and the local spas are prepared to put you in total tranquility - while the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and the exquisite furnished rooms won't want to depart you, even if you only want to go to your own patio.

Tahiti lies in the South Pacific and is open to the public from Eastern Asia, the United States of America's Occident, Australia's eastern seaboard and South America's Occident. Tahiti AĆ©roport Internationale is situated in Faa'a County, just a few mins from Papeete. Tahiti Motel is conveniently situated near the Tahiti Port with Royal, Double and Familiy rooms to cater for all tastes.

Bora Bora Nui Conrad - Tahiti

Accommodation 25% Discount - Over $1,375 Savings! Upgrading to an above-water villa (with free upgrades to Deluxe above-water villa, depending on availability) of an extra $360 per room per day! Start adding a three-course dinner from $149 per head per day! Start adding a Shark & Ray Lagoon Safari for as little as $160 per player!

Rates are per capita, double room, including prepaid tax and only for new reservations, depending on availabilty at the moment of book. The tourist tax of 200XPF (AUD3) per head and per day is to be paid directly at Bora Bora Resort. Black-out deadlines and additional charges are valid during busy times as there is a limit on available capacity.

Rates are always priced without prior notification. Conrad Bora Bora Nui is situated on the renowned Bora Bora Islands, whose name is a synonym for a global wonder of the countryside, and with its 122 mansions and suits offers a breathtaking panoramic view! Set between clear water and boundless sky, overlooking the sea and lake, this 5-star resort is set amidst lush countryside and an arching cristalline lake in an enchanting bay of pure whiteness and lavasc.

Enjoy the real magical atmosphere of this place, the ideal place for unforgettable adventures. Snorkelling in the blue waters of the Laguna and picnicking on the resort's pristine isle: azure-blue lagoon: You will find your roomy mansion, completely with oversize bath, waiting for you. You can admire the colourful coloured dancing under water through panes of water in the above-watervilles.

Whatever you choose, all our mansions provide the latest standard of convenience and facilities in French Polynesia styles and decor.

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