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Samoa, United States - Canada - United Kingdom - Germany - Netherlands - Italy - Belgium - France - Australia - Japan - Ghana - South Africa. The ASHSAA boys soccer championship starts | American Samoa ASHSAA Boys football team Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA - The ASHSAA Boys football campaign began with the Leone Lions competing against Fa'asao-Marist Crusaders at Pago Park Soccer Stadium on Monday, March 26, 2018. The two Lone sides won their matches, with the team taking a 3-1 victory and the JV team a 3-0 victory.

Samoana Sharks Vsity defeated the Warriors 1-0 on Tuesday 27 March, while Tafuna's JV won 2-1. Iakina defeated South Pacific Academy Dolphins 2-0 on Wednesday 28 March, while Nu'uuli Voc-Tech won against Kanana Fou Stallions. Samoana Sharks v Faga'itua Vikings, planned for Thursday, March 29, 18, has been called out.

There are nine colleges registered for the university department - Fa'asao-Marist, Faga'itua Vikings, Iakina, Kanana Fou, Leone, Nu'uuli Voc-Tech, Samoana (defending champion), SPA and Tafuna. JV will participate in the contest with five colleges - Fa'asao-Marist, Faga'itua (defending champion), Leone, Samoana and Tafuna.

Although Fa'asao-Marist dominated the courses, it was the luck of the lost Lion's with a victory, and they lost more chances than the later victor. The Cougars could have drawn in the middle of the second half, but they would have lost at least three chances. Samoana's defence of the 2017 World Cup is a good beginning, and they are laden with guns, especially with regard to seasoned outfits.

Right now, they're the best side of the game. Iakina' s selfless game made the work of the SPA dolphins fast and simple with a 2-0 elimination victory. Iakina' s men used the football and fell back to pass it on to the man with the best goal for their side.

As they left, they fought, but when they took advantage of the opportunity to pass the football to each other, they performed better than last year's Samoana runners-up. Throughout the first half, Leone was leading 1-0 and then scoring two more times in the last half to end the match 3-0.

Tafuna went into the interval 1-0 and scored another goal in the second half to stop Samoana 2-1.

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