Accompany us on an exciting Maui Snorkel tour aboard Ocean Freedom and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the world-famous Molokini Crater. We have created a custom map to show the best snorkeling spots when visiting the Molokini Crater off the southern coast of Maui, Hawaii. The first destination is the world famous Molokini Crater, an underwater marine reserve and a bird sanctuary above. The Molokini Crater is one of the best places in Maui, from its origin to its unique history as a fishing ground and bird sanctuary! Snorkelling, SNUBA and SCUBA diving are the best and most popular ways to observe the wildlife in Molokini.

Molokini Maui Snorkel | Molokini Crater

The Molokini is an old vulcanic calendar offering some of the cleanest waters in the snorkelling area. Situated about 2 mile off the coast of South Maui in the Alalakeiki Canal (between Maui and Kaho'olawe). The Molokini is an underwater protected area and a surface area.

Below is a choice of the best ways to explore Molokini Crater. A snorkelling trip (usually Molokini for the first stop and Turtle Arches for the second) with a 6:45 a. m. day check-in at Maalaea Harbor Briefs #51.

It is the marina in Central Maui directly behind the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium on Highway 30. While some Molokini vessels can accommodate up to 140 persons.... no such masses of passengers on Aqua Adventures... while the ship can accommodate 49 persons, they restrict the voyage to only 36 persons per night.

So is the Swift! Driven by two 350 hp engines, this ship sails at 22 kts, which means you will say good-bye to other vessels on your way to Molokini Craters. Included in the price are two snorkelling spots, a really nice "build your own sandwich" delicacy after you are ready in the sea, and an open air pub for your drink, Mai Tais, sodas and sap.

You can take your snorkelling adventure to a whole new dimension with an onboard 50 feet Aqua Adventures Bootee. However, the snubber diving is much simpler than an introduction to diving, as you don't have to carry all the cumbersome equipment. While moving under water, the float follows you with ease, so you can concentrate on the adventure instead of fighting with the equipment.

You will be taken on a guiding trip through the marine life by your diving teacher. Whilst the speciality of Aqua Adventures is snorkelling, this is the ideal choice for those who go snorkelling only. It is a 4. 5-hour trip from 7:15 am to 12 midday.... whoever makes a snapdrop has 30 minute snorkelling in one place and more than an hours snorkelling in the other place.

Snorkellers who do not go snorkeling with snorkelling have about 3 hrs between the two dives. Whilst snorkelling is available for kids of all agegroups, the min. snorkeling experience for snowboarders is 8 years. ou rEDUCED PRICES FOR THE PRIDE OF MAUI:

These tours are often sold out 3-5 day in advanced, so book now! Pride of Maui brings you comfortably to Molokini..... with a view of the Molokini glassbottom, a funny waterslide, a delicious barbecue luncheon, a delicious main course barbecue and a fresh open air pub. The ship is roomy and sturdy; its large top decks offer an unobstructable panorama view and superb photographic possibilities from the mighty Maui coastline and the nearby isles.

The first stop is the typical Molokini crater, known for its clear waters and its unbelievable variety of underwater live. Snorkelling in Molokini is followed by a second stop in Turtle Town, where you can enjoy a swimming session with some of the Hawaii' largest freshwater tortoises in the world! The high performance Katamaran provides a quick, quiet trip to Molokini, which is located in the centre of the canal between Maui and Kahoolawe.

Pride of Maui trips include all your snorkelling equipment, as well as a wide range of swim equipment (for those who enjoy the sea if they have a little help). Pride of Maui AM Deluxe Snowcle is available every day and has a check-in at the northern cargo wharf next to the Maalaea harbour guards at 7:30am; the route lasts five hrs from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

There is no pre-registration required; just let the team know that you want to be on the ship in the mornings. Snorkel Pride of Maui PM is available from Monday to Saturday from May to December for those who like snorkelling in the afternoons and has check-in at the Maalaea port's central berth at 1:00 pm; the trip lasts three hrs from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

In the afternoons, snorkeling equipment and a barbecue luncheon are included. Because of the afternoons' tradeshore, the main snorkeling target in the afternoons is Coral Gardens, a place located along the sea cliffs of the southern shores of the West Maui Mountains. In the afternoons you seldom (!) go to Molokini Crater; if Molokini is your target, you should do one of the early bird watching hikes, as the odds of going to Molokini in the mornings are endless.

The price of the Annoon Pride of Maui is $59.00 per adults, $49.00 per kid (ages 3-12), and toddlers 2 and below are free ($4 per passenger propellant supplement also valid for afternoons). The Pride of Maui organizes a WHALE WATCH from January to April instead of an afternoons snorkeling.

PriDo Maui is committed to the protection of the enviroment. On their second outing in the harbor of Kahului, NCL crew members can do cruises in Kahului. The Lahaina Cruises can only do the Priid of Maui on the second morning (provided your boat spends the last evening in Lahaina).

PRICES FOR PARAGON SNORKELLING SAILS MOLOKINI: The Paragon is the premier cruising yacht on the islands and will take you on an exciting journey to Moliokini. The 5 hours excursion is available from 7:30 to 12:30 every day. This is Paragon's specialty and they go to one snorkelling spot per day instead of several snorkelling sites.

They will be taken to the crescent-shaped caldera of Molokini, a nature reserve with over 250 types of trope. After swimming and snorkelling in Molokini, we serve our own lunches and beverages. See the stunning harbour porpoises playing and jumping during the whaling seasons (December - May).

Sulokini weathers can be unforeseeable, and when they do, Paragon will be sailing to a more appropriate snorkeling area. Snorkelling equipment is available at Paragon, but you can also take your own. There is a propensity to go anywhere, which can make it slipy and hazardous to move on the cat. Pride of America is the only passenger who can do the Dolokini snorkeling sailing on their second night in the harbour and have to take a 15-18 minutes taxi journey.

The Four Winds II is a 55-foot glass-bottom cruiser, affectionately called "the pleasure boat". As soon as you are on board, you will soon find out why Maui's guests consider this journey as one of the best to Molokini and why we have also become a favourite locally. Breakfast, BBQ lunches, water slide, glassbottom tour, open air lounge, snorkeling equipment and instructions... and snubas are available as options (see snubas descriptions above under "Pride of Maui").

Fourwinds has a target..... They' re staying there all day long. On this voyage you will not be able to go snorkeling with marine tortoises.... but you will have more fun on Molokini than on any other row. Fourwinds II AM Molokini Snoorkel is available every day and has a check-in at Maalaea Harbor slip#80 at 7:00am; the route is five hour from 7:30am to 12:30pm.

From the Kihei small boating dock, Bue Water Rafting is a great option for those who live in a Wailea, Makena or one of the South Kihei condos. There are four different routes, three of which lead to Molokini Craters. This tour is conducted on a 24 person Coastline River cruise; its trips are thrilling and enjoyable for the adventurer; no impregnated wives, no back or nape wounds, and the children's min. is 5 years old Molokini / Kanaio Coast - your characteristic journey....explore the caverns and arcs of Maui's secluded and rough Canaio coast, which is situated mile behind the end of the street in La Perouse Bay.

The next stop is the Molokini craters and a number of snorkelling spots, among them a long snorkelling inside the craters, a snorkellingrift over the " end of the cliff " and a short but unforgettable snorkelling along the precipice, which is Molokini's back face on the outside of the craters. High-quality snorkelling equipment with dried snorkelling and a packed luncheon are contained in the price.

It lasts 5.5 hrs and is on offer every day at 7 am. Canaio Coast - For those who have been to Molokini before, but haven't seen the jagged Canaio Coast yet, this trip gives you the opportunity to go where few other trips dare! It is the same route as topless Molokini.

High-quality snorkelling equipment with dried snorkelling and a packed luncheon are contained in the price. It lasts 4 hrs and is on offer at 7 am every day. The Molokini / Chale Watch Combo - All the great Molokini snorkelling on their longer 5. The price includes snorkelling equipment with dried snorkelling. It is 2.5 hrs long and is on offer at 11 am during the whaling period from 15 January to 15 April.

The Molokini Express - This is the quickest way to Molokini Crater. The speed of these floats means they only need 15 min. to get from the Kihei launch to Molokini. The snorkelling possibilities are the same as for your longer trip in the mornings..... Fifteen min round trip and 90 min snorkelling in Molokini.

The price includes snorkelling equipment with dried snorkelling. It is a 2 hour long trip and is available at 11 am during the whaling seasons and seven nights a week during the year. On their second outing at the harbour, NCL Kahului Cruises customers can take one of the Blue Water or the Molokini Express cruises on their first outing.

It takes about 25 min. to get to Kihei Boat Ramp and prices differ throughout the year but in low seasons begin at about $40 per night; see our hire page for more information. MAUI MAGIC DISCOUNT: If you are an adventure seeker who loves the winds in your head, the possibility to see a dolphin in the great outdoors and snorkeling without masses of people.... the Maui Magic Adventure Snow Cat Adventure is for you!

Maui Magic is a quick, convenient, state-of-the-art 54-foot cruiser with a water slide and a fantastic soundtrack. Maui Magic is offering day trips and has a 7:00 am check-in at Maalaea Harbor Briefs #55. Excursion lasts 5h from 7:30am to 12:30pm. Throughout the story, a choice of Hwaiian songs and songs are performed to intensify the adventure.

Snorkelling spots and targets are dictated by the prevailing conditions.... two, sometimes three snorkelling stop. Molokini is always one of these stations if the wheather allows.... other options are La Perouse Bay, Turtle Arches and the wonderful Coral Gardens. You like to say that no snorkeling trip is like the other.

The Maui Magic is quick..... and its cruising speeds to and from its snorkelling targets provide an additional 30 minute snorkelling period in comparison to other bigger, slowers. Maui Magic is not a pram-friendly boat, and because of its more robust route, this trip is not recommendable for most under-5s.

When you have a 3 or 4 year old kid who is especially "hard" for his old self, you are allowed on the trip.... but all kids are charged the fare regardless of time. Toddlers who need continuous care are not suitable for this trip. The Maui pride or the four winds are recommended.

On their second outing, NCL Kahului travelers can take a trip to the Maui Magic dock. Maui Magic can only be taken by Lahaina Crew members on the second morning (provided your boat spends the last evening in Lahaina). Let's start by making it clear.... there are many yachts that go on Molokini snorkeling trips.

ALL WE BOOK BEAUTIFUL MOLOKINI TRIPS. I' ve been on EVERY one of these ships and I' m behind these travel agencies. Since you no longer have to be worried about us hiring you on a bathing yacht, the only remaining issue is: "Which is the best for you?

Most of our customers want a little more individual attention and really want to go on a less congested sail. Your vessel is licensed for 49 persons, but you restrict the voyage to 36. That'?s 100 less than on the other Molokinijourneys! Your vessel is well suited to master the often windswept sea of Maui.

It is also the best option for anyone who wants to try SNUBA scuba dives; their boats are specially developed for SNUBA and their coaches are the best in the game. A snorkelling excursion to Molokini and then Turtle Arkes on a traditional outing.

It is a family-owned vessel run by the ZERO team. If you don't have very young ones or know you have a travel disorder issue, I suggest this itinerary. There' s no waterslide on this cruiser, so maybe one of the larger ones is preferable for them.

Fourwinds and Pride of Maui are very similar vessels in terms of sizes and equipment and are the two best of the bigger ones; the main distinction between them is their itineraries. Pride of Maui goes to Molokini for a snorkeling stop and Turtle Town for a second. Everyone likes tortoises, so the Pride of Maui will include them on its early bird spot.

Fourwinds structure their journey differently.... there are many places where you can see tortoises snorkelling along the Maui coast that do not need a boating tour, but a boating is the only way to see Molokini. That' s why they remain in Molokini all the while and give you more snorkelling than any other group.

The Pride of Maui offers you more variety if you go snorkeling only once during your holiday. When snorkelling around your resort, you'll probably see tortoises, so the Four Winds will give you more exposure to Molokini Craters. If you have someone in your group who doesn't want to go snorkelling, they will like it.

The Pride of Maui has the broadest bar (width), making it the most robust catamaran in the sea if you have any doubts about travelersickness. "If you are one, you really choose to go on another's own row.

We can tell you from our own experiences that these fellas are really tough. They' will offer you an exciting marine adventure, which means you'll go out in a wide range of oceans and weathers. It is a bouncing trip and you will see open sea environments that are much harsher than what you would find on a traditional Molokini itinerary.

Meanwhile you should know if this is the right trip for you..... or not. Aqua Adventures and Maui Magic are the best choice for those who like a smaller group for their snorkeling adventure. The two ships have less than half the number of persons on the boat than the bigger snorkelling ships.

Its smaller dimensions also allow you to get to your goal more quickly, which maximizes your stay in the canal. While all these trips, which promote Molokini as a travel location, do their utmost to offer the desired adventure to the visitors, the trips are rerouted to an alternative snorkeling place a few nights a year.

In the end, all snorkelling targets are the choice of the master of the ship and this choice is always made with the security and convenience of the people. Mornings are usually better for snorkelling than afternoons, as our Tradewins are much easier here in Hawaii in the mornings and the breeze picks up around the noontime.

A lot of boat (and activities counters) are promoting cheaper Molokini tours in the afternoons..... we don't find this idea sincere. Due to the Putzmeister breezes in the afternoons, most of the PM rides go to the "Coral Gardens", which are located near the Pali Highway between Maalaea and Lahaina. Snorkelling in Coral Gardens is a beautiful place.... but it's not Molokini.

To be sure you are going to Molokini, you should definitely make a reservation for a nice early bird's eye view if your odds of getting to Molokini are 95% rather than 20%. You can also dive to Molokini Crater, which cannot be found on this page..... see our Maui Dive page for detail.

All of our courses are designed to provide you with the best dive experiences in the world. With some snorkellers and a few qualified scuba diver, the Pride of Maui is the best option here on this page.

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