Line Islands Map

Line Islands Map

Lin Islands map, Line Islands topography, Line Islands elevation, Line Islands relief, Kiribati, natural feature. You can use this relief map to navigate to the surf spots and tidal stations around Fanning Island. LINeĀ Islands, Kiribati time zone site plan boundaries. Northern Line Islands is a group of islands in Oceania. The Wikipedia logo Line Islands on Wikipedia.

0700 Longitude

Teraina Islands or Equatorial Islands are a series of eleven islands of low corals and low octopus in the Pacific Ocean, located in the southern part of Hawaii, which extend over 2,350 km to the northeast and southheast. They are one of the longest islands in the longest series. The other three are United States areas grouped with the United States Minor Output Islands.

North Line Islands

In 2005 and 2007, Pristine Seas founders Enric Sala and a scientific staff travelled to the North Line Islands. Their aim is to create an environmental basis for soundly managed recovery of corals and to assess the effects of man-made activities on the islands' maritime eco-systems. The reason Sala selected the North Line Islands for his first expedition was because they offer a range of anthropogenic influences, from very degrading sea creatures around the most populous islands to an almost untouched eco-system around the deserted Kingman Reef.

During their first voyage to the coral wall, scuba diver found something unexpected: an extraordinary feeding net in which large carnivores such as shark made up almost 85 per cent of the body mass (or overall weight) of it. They called it an "inverted bio-mass pyramid". This is what a sound coral should look like, and Sala thinks there are perhaps only 50 in this state in the world.

When the large carnivorous animals are eliminated by over-fishing, the knock-on effect can have a big impact on the dietary network, especially when sea temperatures and acidities increase. Over-fishing, says Sala, is environmental incendiary.

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