Erromango, Tafea (Vanuatu) weather forecast. This forecast shows the local time for Erromango. The Erromango is the largest island in the southern district of Vanuatu, also known as the TAFEA area (an acronym for the five constituent islands): Site / feature name Location description Robertson Mission Robertson Church Dillon's Bay, Erromango Standing mission church in Dillon's Bay. A story of reconciliation on Erromango.

The Erromango is frequented by very few cruise ships, but has some very beautiful moorings with great winds and sweep.

The Erromango is frequented by very few cruise ships, but has some very beautiful moorings with great winds and sweep. Except for Dillons Bay, most moorings only have enough space for a few vessels to be anchored in the sands. On Erromango, with the general rule, with the exclusion of one runway 8 km from Dillons Bay and another one in Ipota, with some small shops on the islands, there are no service facilities.

The Erromango is one of the biggest and yet least inhabited of the Vanuatu-Archipels. Erromango's history of violence and tragedy holds many intriguing historic places such as the old petroglyphs in the Suvu Beach caverns, the cranial cave in the area and the historic places that mark the cruel murders of the missionsaries.

Frequently overseen by cruise boats Erromango is certainly a stop worthwhile for, folks are welcome & there are several good moorings making it a good stop in your arcade to Vila.

The Erromango Island - Walk through a caving paradise and caving in the sandalwoods.

There are a number of walks, caverns and much more on Erromango Iceland. Isle is an adventurer's paradise. You will have a quiet and pleasant stay on the islands with confined accommodations, few streets and no night life. Once home to large sand-wood woods.

Discoverer Peter Dillon made the archipelago known for its stocks of this fragrant timber and also opened the doors to misuse and clearing. It has also been suffering under the hand of slave traders and is still being cut down by ruthless loggers. The Erromango was once known for its sandy woods, which led to the clearing that the people of the islands are up against.

But it is defending itself with the help of outsiders and the establishment of a number of parklands and reservations is afoot. Archipelago inhabitants themselves have also started to defend themselves against the loggers and ensure that their livelihood and the beauties of the islands are preserved. What is there to see on the isle?

There is a lot to discover on the isle. You' ll be able to see the few surviving sand-woods and discover the untouched cauri wood. You will find here caverns with old rock art to be explored, as well as several remains in the area. Backpacker is a great way to discover the Erromango Islands, where there are many walks and hikes where you can discover its interesting characteristics.

There are also footpaths and footpaths on the islands. From Dillon's Bay you can hike across the Isle to Port Narvin or up the shore to Ipota. Cruising the South River is also a great way to experience the beautiful scenery of the Isle. What is the best place to spend the night on Erromango?

There are no resort or hotel on the isle, although chalets are available. Meteson's House in Dillon Bay provides convenient accommodation in Port Narvin. Campsite and exploration are great ways to remain on the archipelago, although daily excursions from other archipelagoes are available to help you relax and unwind.

The circumnavigation of the isle is on feet. There are few streets, but there are lumbering streets and paths. Hiking is the main means of transport on the isle, although you will find some inhabitants of the isle with 4x4's (SUV) and fast patrol craft. Boating is the best way to circumnavigate the islands without having to walk.

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