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For a long time I searched for the best Italian cookbook, which was translated into English or written in English. After reading this book, perhaps you should "see Venice and let yourself be pampered". St. George's Cookbook contains delicious Venetian specialities and family favourites from the English-speaking community of Veneto. Venice's best restaurant recipes.

The GTA and Gjusta in his first cookbook, Gjelina:

Who is POLPO?

Hidden in a side street of London's Soho neighbourhood, POLPO is one of the city' s most hotspots. Connoisseurs and connoisseurs of good eating flock to this simple bayaro, where Russell Norman is serving Venice cuisine. Among the 140 recipies of the volume are capese stack, courgettes shooting chips, parmesan and anchovies melted on asparaguses, buttered with butternuts,rancini, cocciatore, hot goose lettuce with moist nuts and turnips, crunchy babies pizza with parmesan cheese and aucola, and more,

Jakobsmuscheln with lime and mint, tartar of jacks, linguines with mussels, whole seabream, hot squid lettuce, soft-shell crabs in parmesan dough with parmesan cheese lettuce, walnuts and half-freddo honeysuckle, tiarisù, carbonated bellini and floriniz. POLPO is a glowing homage to Italy's largest concealed kitchen with brilliant photographs of Jenny Zarins capturing the unvisited nooks and crannies, the busy bácari and the lofty Venice canals.


Restorer Russell Norman has long been influenced by Venice cooking, as Polpo, his award-winning group of small London and Brighton dining establishments, is built on the kind of cooking you would find in a Venice baccaro-. It is a real romantic note to Venice, its cuisine, its folks and traditions that will make you book a journey as soon as possible and try many different cuisine.

Prescriptions we love: Italianophiles will faint at this gastronomic discovery of Venice and like to interfere in Russell's delicious cuisine.


The first cookbook Veneto: Rezepte aus einer italienischen Landhausküche (Guardian Faber) has been published. It is a compilation of 100 dishes based on the cooking of my home country Veneto, Italy. I wanted to tell my history and the history of my whole life through the dishes and meals that have left their mark on us.

The whole story was designed and illustrated and I mixed clad foodshots with pictures of materials and landscape. Previous Magazine (Sunday Express), Stella Magazine (The Sunday Times Telegraph), Stylist Magazine, Waitrose Magazine, Traveller (National Geographic), Locavore Magazine, SBS, Bookwitty und viele mehr.

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