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Use of this website signifies your agreement to the use of cookies. A visit to Raviz Kadavu Resort, Calicut India: At the hotel the only nice thing is the website and the reception area. Please visit our website: http://www.divekadavu. com/ Or join our Facebook page: The Kadavu Resort is ideal for tourists and business travellers.

Ayurveda Treatment at Kadavu Resort - Review of The Raviz Resort & Spa, Kadavu, Kozhikode

So we wanted to do something different for the new years and chose to try Kadavu for a 4-day New Year's holiday. Well, here are our reason why we wouldn't call it a place to stay. We' ve been informed that there are several ways to eat (they have repaired their website since and show 3 places).

We had a refreshment area and another area with a view of the stream directly in front of the area. There was a beautiful view from the lounges, but they only offered a few things that were available in the cafe area. Dinner was quite good and the services were fine. While it' not really a dilemma, it can get louder and you don;t really believe you are in a recreation place.

You can enjoy the bar's list of beers just like Ford Model-T's... You do not believe in the idea of being served a cool glass of bitter ale, even though in general it is quite warm and moist. It' s quite difficult to get an Ayurvedic treatment date... Maybe because it was New Year's Day and far too many in number.

The woman said it was very good and that it was good value for your bucks. We' ve been informed that both dawn and dusk cruises are either full or unavailable. You had a New Year's celebration.... but it was "outsourced" to an outside agent and the hotels could not handle the sale of festival passes on their own facilities.

We' ve also been informed that most of the crowds will be local and will have to be bought by the outside promoters. We had a New Year's meal at the swimming poolside and it was full of local people and we had to argue with the hotelmanagers about a game.

Food was good, we were said they had no more beers and only one badge left in the warehouse that we had in order. We had some tunes (the same one that had been playing the evening before in the bar area). Remark: The rooms and the estate are situated so that you cannot see the rising or setting light.... You will probably have to reach the viaduct that is just outside the area.

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