Lower North Island Map

Map of the lower North Island

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on these maps is correct at the time of going to press. Topographical map for Bird Watching from Taranaki Blight to Wellington to the East Cape. View map of the motorhome landfills in the lower North Island. Click the Google Map icon to view a map of the landfills on the lower North Island: Complimentary maps, weather and mountain safety information.

Lower South Island New Zealand Itinerary

Visite : Besuch in Christchurch, Dunedin, Te Anau / Milford Sound, Queenstown, Christchurch. On this 10 days tour to the New Zealand Island you will visit the half of New Zealand's beauty. From Christchurch, the "Garden City", it continues southwards to Dunedin with its Scotch charm. Our way leads us from Dunedin to the wonderful seaside city Te Anau, ready for our journey to New Zealand's biggest attractions, the powerful Milford Sound.

For a few get-togethers we head from Milford Sound to the Adventure Capital, Queenstown, one of the most scenic holiday destinations in the world. 2 ) Be free to rent a vehicle and use this route as a tourist guidebook or fill out the following information to speak to one of our locals about a full self-drive trip.

After arriving in Christchurch, the biggest town on New Zealand's South Island (370,000 inhabitants), you will be checked into your hoteI. Another favourite is the Motor Lodge at 10-15 min by car from the international airports. The pavilions on Papanui Road are a 20-minute car ride from the international airports, near local bars and bars and a 15-minute stroll from the citycenter.

Find a large selection of accommodations in Christchurch and view client ratings by click here. A trip to the "French" village Akkaroa, which lies on the picturesque peninsula of the bank on the coast, is very recommendable. Situated about 80 kilometres (about 1.5 hour drive) on State Highway 75, AKAROOA is known for its flair of France and as one of the best places to go swimming with the cetaceans.

Akaaroa is a great place to stay for a few hour in the stores and by the water. The Christchurch Gondola will take you to 500 meters above sealevel for a great view of Christchurch. Click HERE for more information about a broad spectrum of Christchurch related events.

Your South Island route leads you via State Highway 1 to Dunedin (approx. 5 hour drive). You will travel through the cities of Timaru and Oamaru, then about 75 kilometers before Dunedin you will arrive in the town of Moeraki. Dunnedin is a town with about 120,000 inhabitants and lies on the south-east coastline of the South Island.

It' a college city where about 10% of the youngsters study. Dunnedin has a powerful Scotish legacy, reflecting in its architectural style, its streets, its restaurants with whisky and haggis and the omnipresent sounds of pipes on particular occasions. Your New Zealand trip will take you to the beautiful seaside city of Te Anau today.

Situated on the shore of Te Anau Sea, the city is the nearest to Milford Sound. Te Anau is the biggest in the South Island and the second biggest in New Zealand after Taupo Lakes. The Department of Conservation (DOC) Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre, on Lakefront Drive, is a great place to go when you get there.

The DOC has three of New Zealand's Great Walk (Milford, Kepler and Routeburn Tracks) in the area, offering hiking and cabin ticket and map reservations. Fiordland i-SITE Center, also on Lakefront Drive, is also a good place to go and you can make reservations for a variety of outdoor and indoor pursuits and shelters.

Try the Milford Track compilation! We have several commercial routes on the Milford Track, and if your schedule is tight, we have a great daily stroll that is just right for you. We recommend an excursion to the Te Anau glowworm caves, which are located opposite the Te Anau Sea, if there is enough space.

During approximately two and a half hour the route starts with a ride across the frozen area. Iconical doubtful sounds are also very high. Doubtfulound is often missed in favour of the more famous Milford Sounds, an astonishing wildlife adventure, and we can strongly suggest a route.

Doubtful Soundwilderness cruises from Te Anau click here. Doubtful soundtrack overnight cruises from Te Anau click here. Designated the Eighth Wonder of the Wonder of the Wonder, Milford Sounds has earned its fame as one of the most beautiful nature sites in the game. Journey to Milford Sounds lasts about 2 hrs each way, but it is more relaxed to take an organised route, usually including bus and cruising on Milford Sounds.

Many people find the trip to Milford as astonishing as the sounds themselves. The trip is full of stream passages, water falls and the imposing Homer Tunnel and offers many fantastic photographic possibilities. It' a place where photographs don't do right. He' s 16 kilometres upcountry from the ocean.

In Milford live delphins, seal, penguins as well as corals that grow only 10 metres below the surfac. Milford Sound is the ideal place to observe underwater living and we suggest a trip to Milford Sound. Can Milford Sound be touring from Te Anau?

Yes, there are a number of Te Anau routes, and you can even get a package with the Te Anau Glowworm caverns - click here to find out more about this itinerary. Or you can go from Te Anau to Milfordound yourself (about 2 hrs each way) and then just take a boat trip when you get to Milford Sound - please be aware - if you decide to do so, please make your booking in advance to prevent disillusion.

A number of trips are highly sold out and if you do not make an appointment in advanced, you may very well be able to get to Milford Sound and not be able to cross. Browse the available routes and view our special page for client ratings. These are some of the trips from Te Anau that the former visitors appreciated:

Before boarding your 2 hrs natural cruiser, head to Fall's Creek, Cascade Creek and the Chasm - click here to see why folks love this one. 2 ) Milford Sound Natuurruise from Te Anau. For a few hrs in a waterfall, observe the native fauna and enjoy the beauties of Milford - click here to learn more about this fantastic trip.

As well as daily excursions to Milford Sounds, you can also stay the night on the sounds. From Te Anau this prestigious journey is an memorable event that we strongly suggest. Milford' s landscape and tranquility are astonishing. Driving to New Zealand's "Adventure Capital" today (2 hour drive).

Situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, the city is bordered by the Remarkables chain, which rises up to 7,000 ft and makes it one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, if not the whole state. The city is also home to two world-class resorts, the Remarkables and Coronet Peak.

Queenstown offers a wide variety of accommodations, from guesthouses to 5-star comforts. Centrally Queenstown is undulating, so if possible, try to reserve a place close to the city centre. There are a number of room categories and they are only a two minutes walking distance from the city centre.

Near the city, and although the view is not as good as at the Beacon, the rooms are roomy and fashionable, and it is only a brief stroll to the city. Click here to find your ideal lodging in the city. Fortunately, you can enjoy two full nights of exploring everything you can find in the city.

There' s an endless range of activity in Queens Town and you'll never ask yourself again: "What now? Whether it' s bungee diving and jetboating, gondolas and sea trips on the TSS Earnslaw, your day will be full of fun (or relax if you prefer). A ride on the historical TSS Earnslaw and a ride up Bob's Peak are very recommendable, especially if you are looking for something soothing.

Climb the cable car near the city centre and it takes you up an almost perpendicular climb to Bob's Peak. There is a skyline resort with a dining room (we suggest diner at twilight overlooking Queenstown), a souvenir store and many places to relax and take in the views on a beautiful outing.

Historical TSS Earnslaw is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the lakes and hills. There are guided visits to Walter Peak Stations, a working shepherd' s shepherd' s farm, and some of the trips involve a meal at the sta. Situated at both ends of the shores of the Wakatipu River, a picturesque ride to Glenorchy or Kingston (both about 45 minutes) offers some great snaps.

You can also play bungee in the following pages in Queens Town (we try to find the guts to do so): Further outdoor pursuits are wine cellar trips, whitewater canoeing, whitewater cycling, MTB, Jetboating and paragliding! Please take some of your free minute to explore what the city has to offer. From" mild" to" wild", there is something about the city that will make your stay unforgettable.

There is also a wide choice of food in Queenstown, with something for every budget. Winnie's - in the shopping centre in the city. FERBURGER - no journey to Queenstown would be without a gingerbread hamburger from the renowned FERBURGER. at the top of the square is the Botswana Butcher's, which is situated on the lake shore in the city centre.

for the best view in the city, the Stratosfare Restaurant and the bar in the skyline gondola at Bob's Peak is just unrivalled (see picture). From Queenstown to Christchurch (6 hour drive). Stop for luncheon and refuel in the gorgeous village of lakefront Lake Tekapo.

This glacial fueled sea has an almost incredible blue colour and is bordered by the Southern Alps, Mt Cook included. The first time we saw the Tekapo we put our hand in the water and were astonished when we could not see it because of the amount of suspension. New Zealand's most frequently visited site, the Kirchen of the Good Shepherd, lies next to the sea, and the view of the sea through the church's large panoramic windows is breathtaking.

Sadly, your 10-day trip to the southern island ends today as you head home.

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