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And Macy' s Guam offers a first-class selection of top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Clinique, Estee Lauder & Levis. Besides shoes and clothing, Macy's offers a wide selection of household goods, gifts and furniture in selected shops. Featured Reviews for L & E Gift Center. The best place to get strong and inexpensive plastic bags from China! Would have had a perfect rating if the owners had been a little friendlier, especially to the children (too worried that they are breaking things).

Macy' s Guam: Clothes, shoes, jewellery

It is a one-step dust and primer that gives the complexion a soft, immaculate, fully matt surface with moderate to full covering power and a velvet textured surface that..... It is a single-step dust and primer that gives the complexion a soft, immaculate, fully matt surface with moderate to full covering power and a velvet textured feel that allows the complexion to heal. Applicable to all skins, especially greasy one.

On well moistened and prepared skins, use a soft paintbrush such as 129SH or 109. Spread with the foam application for more cover. When using the pad, make sure to change it every few week and keep it in the drawer under the gunpowder and not in the top drawer with the gunpowder.

Attempt to finish your Studio Fix treatment with a lightweight prep + prime fix+ haze to give it a refreshing, skin-like look!


Welcome to the beachfront paradise of the Westin Resort Guam! It is our aim to enrich your experience and create memorable moments during your time with us. There is so much to see and do at the Westin Resort Guam, you will feel better than when you arrive. POOL Our quiet swimming pool is on the first level and just a few minutes walk from the sea.

Refresh your mind while lying in the shadows or taking a relaxed walk on the sparkling chilly sand of our quiet beaches. Dive into our hot tropic water and make an unforgettable spatter with TBH service. Our Westin Family programmes are intended to awaken miracles and inquisitiveness.

Explore everything that Westin Family has to contribute in the Westin Resort Guam and fill your children's holiday with beautiful reminiscences. Magazine Rocksreat yourself to Trip Advisors Lieblings-Zaubershow. Combine light manual skills with inspirational magical and comedic performances in our theatre, which has been conceived for an up-close, individual and inter-active adventure.

Available either only in the Magical Show or Magical & Dinner pack. The only full childcare in all Guam hostels. A free 24-hour entry to our Westin Workout Fitness(R) studio to keep you in balance during your entire trip. Booking a run with our Run Concierge until 5pm the evening before; meeting at 6am in the foyer, leave at 6.15am, guess your arrival at 7am.

Get your New Balance® equipment, which comes straight to your room for just $5, and keep on track with our gearing landing programme to keep your training routines going. Travel in your Cabriolet of your dreams with the top down through Guam.

In the Thrifty Cabriolet, in the foyer, has cabrios, minivans, SUVs and economical automobiles to help you achieve your goal. With the fax machines, photocopiers, printer and the Wireless High Speed Internet Access of our Enterprise Center you can handle your transactions efficiently and easily. The BON VOYAGEShop for duty-free goods, T-shirts and articles for chocolate, beverages, snack and souvenir in the comfortable cloakroom.

Wi-Fi is available for free in the areas Entrance, Button, Prego, Mix, RBC Lounge, Misty's, Startlight and Swim.

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