Kauai Tourist Activities

Tourist Activities in Kauai

It' the best you can do in Kauai. In winter, visit the sunny southern shore of Poipu on Kauai. No wonder there are so many Kauai activities! They threw all our big plans about things in Kauai out the window. Today, tourism is the most important economic sector.

Koloa LandingĀ® Resort, HI - Kauai Activities & Adventure

Kauai's latest K?hi?'au'au, the Moana Aloha Kalaniana'ole'au, will take you on a trip through the history of Koloa Landing in honour of Prince Jonah K?hi? Kalaniana'ole. Please click below to book your place in the brandnew L??au'au'au Moana Aloha. This is a very hot Mahalogo for everyone who participated in our second Choy of Cooking Events - Ginger on the Lawn.

Lydgate Farms, Sam Choy, Eve & Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur, Lydgate Farms und Heavenly Haku. Please hold on, as we will be hosting another Choy of Cooking in the near term. The Kauai is a seldom festival for the senses: is like a proverbial folk tale for a good old pal.

Nothing beats an insider's view that helps you get the most out of your trip to an exciting and tropical area, and Koloa Landing is excited to bring the most experienced local boys to our visitors. We have a local staff with many years of garden island diving expertise.

You will be offered competent consultation on sights, sport and activities that are perfect for you. You' ll even be ready to make your off-site bookings or fill your larder with your favourite treats and beverages before your arrive. Koloa Landing Activity Hat is your one-stop-shop for enjoyment in the outdoors.

The Koloa Landing Activity Hat is the ultimate starting point for your days of windsurfing, turtle dives, water falls in a chopper or just relax in a chaiselongue with a good guide. There' are few activities deeper in the Hawaiians than stepping back and observing the sunset on the skyline with those you like.

Koloa Landing Sunset Wall - right on the outskirts of our site - is a popular eye-catcher for local people and travellers. With over 600 activities and adventure activities on Kauai and even the other island of Hawaii for you as an Isle Hopper, our full-service crew can arrange everything from a 60? snorkelling trip on a 60? boat to open-air chopper trips across the Isle.

We recommend that our clients make reservations for their activities in advanced.

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