Guam Beautiful Island

Beautiful Guam Island

Video slideshow of the beautiful island of Guam. GUAM Island by Tomohiro Mori. It is a beautiful tropical paradise just three to four hours from Japan and South Korea. The island of Cocos is still a beautiful place. You will enjoy a guided tour through this beautiful island destination.

Guam: Isle of natural beauty and cultural charm

In order to get a real Guam flavour, a fistful of food is at the top of the must-try menu for any tourist who wants to enjoy the best and bold flavours of the island. Celaguen is the most synonymic of Guam itself, a food prepared with chickens (although it may contain a variety of seafood, meat or SPAM), lemons, bulbs and coconuts as the main ingredient and is not prepared with lemony acids but with hot water, producing a lively tasting tessellation.

In Tumon Bay, after sunbathing, starving travellers stream a log from Tumon Beach to Beachin' Sprimp to pile up celaguos, or just a log further on to Meskla Dos for classical US burger, chips and bulb circles. As an alternative, Gun Beach, just 100 metres northern of the beautiful Crystal Chapel at Tumon Bay, is a peaceful place with an outstanding - and lonely - bar that heralds the border of a long and tranquil coast.

In the Guam Beach Bar, guests are treated to a popular grilled chickens and saveribs, accompanied by Indian maize cobs, ginger bread, ginger and finadas.

Heavens Adai! Morning, beautiful island of Guam. surroundings

Sitting down and relaxing is all you have to do, the Sunset of Muti Thai Nobelu and Guam are my two favorites..... The last Sunday of May is reminiscent of Burning Bush/Tree of... Morning, beautiful island of Guam. Paschal colours in the skies! Stop, unwind and savour the stunning scenery in front of you.....

On Guam Culture, Natural Beauty and Heritage

It is a beautiful paradise just three to four hour drive from Japan and South Korea. Guam, the biggest island in Micronesia and the most southern of the Marianas, is the center of culture in the northwestern Pacific. 30 mile long and 4 to 12 mile broad, Guam is a stunning holiday resort with a hot tropic weather, beautiful sandy shores, coves, precipitous rocks, hills and a cay.

It has a wealthy and beautiful cultural heritage that attracts travellers from all over the globe. Guam's natives are descendents of the Austronesians from Southeast Asia, who developed into the Chamorro tribe as early as 2000 BC. The city has a long and noteworthy heritage, among them Ferdinand Magellan's discoveries in 1521 and his aspirations in Spain in 1565.

Throughout the Second World War, Guam was conquered and captured by Japan until the Battle of Guam, when the United States reconquered the island in 1944. Today, Guam is an organised area of the United States with naval and airbase facilities, and a flourishing tourist population.

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