Private Island Tahiti French Polynesia

Tahiti Private Island French Polynesia

Teti'aroa is an atoll in the Windward Group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, a French overseas entity in the Pacific. Imagine the huge spaces and heaps of Tahiti specialties on the buffet. These are the highlights of his experiences in his adopted country in French Polynesia:. Detached house for sale in architectural masterpiece Tahiti, French Polynesia. The spectacular lagoon of Bora Bora is surrounded by private islands close to the beach.

Monu Teta Private Island

The Motu Teta, or Motu Tetaraire for short, is a small, untouched island that is available only for private rent. Approximately an hours and a half by ferry from Rangiroa International Park, this remote refuge is only for those in need of unrivalled private space and shelter. There is space for up to six grown-ups or a max. of ten persons incl. kids in the mansion and guest house.

The Motu Teta is the ideal Polish haven. Guest rooms are classical Tahitian styled with lush hard-wood floor ing and widely-opened windowways that allow the South Pacific breezes to penetrate the home. Besides full acces to all aquatic sport facilities, you also have your own cook and a tour leader who organizes your day-to-day snorkelling, boat trips, kayak and windsurf.

Luxury conveniences seamlessly blend into genuine Polynesia. There are 2 King Size beds and 1 Twin Size bed, 2 bathrooms, separated dinning room, lounge, complete equipped eat-in and a fully equipped patio. Luxury conveniences seamlessly blend into genuine Polynesia. Motu Teta is the perfect place for an open-air evening meal.

Our personnel will make sure that your desk stands on the sandy beach right next to the sea. As with every lunch in this private island retreat, your evening meals will be arranged according to your wishes. Motu Teta Guest House has a private café and lounging area overlooking the lake. Motu Teta's central restaurant provides a pleasant ambience for informal or informal cuisine.

Our head cook creates an individual meal with French food and catch fresh seafood according to your own tastes. Culinary delights are offered in your own season and can be combined with a choice of exquisite wine from the rich island ritual. It is a one-of-a-kind holiday resort, as it will be your own private island from the very beginning.

Waters around the island are ideal for snorkelling and angling - and free entrance to gear such as motor boats and canoe boats is provided during your sojourn. This island is very remote and tranquil, mostly encircled by small, uninhabitated islands. The Motu Teta is a great day out for the whole house.

The prices are valid for the whole island for up to 10 persons travelling together. There is a 3 -night min. sojourn, but a 5 -night min. is strongly advised so that you and your travel companion can make the most of your own island adventure.

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