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Have a look at the Smart Destinations offer for Oahu in our Go Oahu Card Review. I' d like to hear what people think of the Go Oahu Card. Did anyone buy this card? See the latest and helpful tour reports. That'?

s my opinion about the Go Oahu City Card:.

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You are better off purchasing PCC passes directly if you only intend to go to the PCC with your card. The most you get with the card is shit you wouldn't use. Make sure you do not schedule your holiday with a rebate card. With Analise83 we planned to do Pearl Harbour and a few other things to meet the early costs, we were more worried that the card would be declined or other preferred reservations would be received etc...

It' strange that there would be no recent press coverage anywhere. Please note that admission to the Pearl Harbor Visitor's Center and the USS Arizona Memorial are free. In case you already have a rented vehicle, the card will not help you, because you can simply go there yourself.

There are 76 ratings and 4 stars overall evaluation. But I didn't use it on Oahu because I lived here.

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When the Oahu Go Card says it contains supper, it is probably the Gateway Business Square (5 pm). There' s no conversation at this place. It' probably the entrance/evening show with free refreshment pack. This meal is an US chef's lunch counter. This is a better meal than the Ali'i Luau one. Other than the standard packet, which does not cover the night event, all of our offers are good for the seven towns, the canoeing competition, canoeing & IMAX during the days and the night event Ha: Breath of Life (7:30 pm).

This is the best Polish show in Hawaii. Ali'i Luau is the same as the entrance/evening show with the free buffet: Conversation with supper. Talking with the Ali'i Luau pack isn't so good, as they are saving the better dance for the night show.

It' a typically Luauan meal. Ali'i Lueau is more romantically than the Gateway Buffet. Since there is fun all the time and the show is the best way of entertaining, it is not so important for me to have fun during din. It' a $22 update to get the Ali'i Lau parcel.

When your budgets are limited, follow the admission/evening show pack. When it' s within your budgets, choose the Ali'i Luau pack more for the better places than anything else. You can click on Nightshow Seat Plan near the top to see how your tickets will look for the different packs.

Move your cursor over the different packs to see where the chairs are.

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