The Komandoo Maldives Island Resort, Komandoo. The staff was very friendly, always ready to help and walk the extra mile. Lhaviyani Atoll, Komandoo Maldives Island Resort. The Komandoo is one of the holiday islands of the Lhaviyani Atoll on the Maldives. The Komandoo is an exclusive and quiet hiding place on the northern tip of the Lhaviyani atoll, specializing in secluded luxury.

Island Resort & Spa

There is a genuine emphasis on customization - in addition to the restaurants, there are personalized meals at any place of your choosing; spas can be customized; scuba is' by design'; and the experience ranges from personalized adventures to the purest romantic. One of the major pools was added a few years ago - and in the genuine Baros look it's not your ordinary one.

Seventy-five exclusive mansions offer additional amenities such as coolers, yogamats and committed mansion-owners. Deluxe Villas are individually designed straw-covered cottages a few metres from the sea, while Baros Villas have a canopy cot and a separate sundeck with sea views. And if you like to take a bath in your own, isolated swimming pools, then it is worthwhile to choose one of the privately owned pools.

Mantas are plentiful at near Lake Mantarochen from December to April, and there is a rich sea fauna with blacktip shark and tortoises all year round. Most of the mansions are above water. The island of Rangali offers peace and quiet and provides a great deal of intimacy. The Sunset Water Villa has its own en-suite area of the lake and a main room with a rotating round dorm.

There is a Jahaz large open-air café with internationally renowned buffets and theme nights, the Jing specialty with a delicious pan-Asian meal and Meeru, a Malaysian barbecue with a choice of sea food. You can snorkel on the housereef and you can dive close by.

All of the beautiful mansions here have a swimmingpool. The Water Vilas are situated on a very long footbridge, which means that most of them are very quiet. Situated on the beaches are the imposingly large beacheside mansions and a wide selection for the family, with Family Beachside Mansions, which have a seperate children's room, and the Double Storey Beachside Mansions, which have two storeys with two double-bedroom.

Whilst the clothing is unofficial, the services and amenities on this luxury isle are not unconventional. Kashiveli is an outdoor dining area on the beach, and there is also the private By The Sea dining room that serves traditional Japanese-made meals. Meera Spa is a luxury spa with glazed window under the massages.

Giant country-style mansions are all above water. They not only have a surface solarium with deckchairs, but also a concealed roof with deckchairs. The Villa Suites and Residences are located on a pier, while the unbelievably intimate Crusoe Residences can only be accessed by ferry. Niyama the name of the islands -'Chill' and'Play' - sets the tone: innovatively, refreshingly, relaxed and upscale.

There are a number of elegant studio and pavilion facilities on the beaches and above the water. There is an open -air bath room and a remote view of the sea. Each of the other room models has its own fibre-optic illuminated diving pools. The glittering beaches of Velassaru and the light blue Laguna provide a serious "wow" effect on your landing.

However, it is definitely a good idea to try the famous Teppanyaki with its picturesque location above the lake and serve traditional Japonese food with a touch of creativity, and sandy beaches where you can savour Indian Ocean-inspired food on candle-lit desks on the shore. Velassaru has some of the largest and most beautiful indoors and out.

The Deluxe Bungalows are single-storey bungalows a few meters from the sea, with an elevated bedroom area. There is also a selection of mansions with swimming pool and nice pontoon mansions overlooking the sea. Madivaru Restaurants serve a barbecued shellfish and meatballs.

If you want extra romantic, choose a seafront dinner under the candlelight. Veligandu means "sand bank" in Maldivian and is located at the south end of the sandbar, and the best snorkeling on the housereef can also be found here.

A number of great sites are close by to see great dives, mantas ( "all year round", but best from December to May) and even shovelheads. Roomy mansions are well maintained and modernly furnished, with high reed rooftops and deep wooden floor. You can choose between Beach Villa with sun deck or Water Villa with stairs into the lake, with or without whirlpool.

PRESENTLY the resorts has recently upgraded many of its amenities, with changes include free Wi-Fi in the foyer and lounge and biweekly snorkeling excursions, as well as a refreshments room, lounge, dining room (where there is also a new cook) and lounge area. It is a paradise for scuba diving, with a wide range of top diving spots in the area.

Snorkelers can explore seven different parts of the magnificent housereef and experience at first hand shark, stingray and turtle. There is a large and small sandy area around the islands for relaxing. The rooms are located in two-storey houses, just a few paces from the sea.

A surface area of the dining area allows you to find a calm dining area amidst the breathtaking view of the Indian Sea. Situated just a few minutes from the sea, the just as relaxing a la carte beach barbecue specializes in barbecued meat and sea food. The Water Villas are on pontoons above water, while the roomy and yielding Senior Water Villas also have an open-air bath.

They all have an award-winning Mac minientertainment system with free Wi-Fi, audio and movie on request. You can snorkel directly from the islands - from the landing stage or via the breakthrough of the surface water restaurants - and it is recommended to book one of the snorkeling excursions to the near Thila' s to see dolphins or mantas.

Diamonds Athuruga Mansions Like Thudufushi, the lovely five-star mansions are classy whitewashed mansions, and here they have an open wood decking on stilts above the canal. Visitors to the Villa have easy and convenientýaccess to their own waterfront dining area with a contemporary a la card based menus from Europe and Asia.

Paths meander through luxuriant leaves and lead to the outstanding amenities that surround this large isle. Two endless sea swimming pools are available, a lagoon-style swimmingpool with a palm shade, and snorkeling on the breathtaking housereef is possible directly from the beacht. You will be served a delicious dinner in a traditional bistro depending on the position of your property.

The rooms on the archipelago vary from simple Garden Villas and Beachside Villas in lush greenery (but only a brief stroll from the beach) to Deluxe Jacuzzi Villas overlooking the Laguna and luxurious Pool Villas located right on the sandside. Two-bedroom, six-person dormitories, perfect for a family or group.

There is a great selection of food - there is a nightly menu by the pool with a cafe. The menu starts with the Vihamanaa Grand Hotel which offers a wide range of buffets from savoury curry to fire. Then there is the Thila, which stretches over the sea - this is the place for culinary breakfasts for higher room tastes and a great place for sea food-dinner.

Snorkeling on the housereef is just a few minutes walk from the shore and scuba packs can be booked in advance. If you want a view of the sea, choose a Beachfront Deluxe Bungalow. There are also a number of roomy mansions with en-suite swimming pool, perfect for a quiet time. There is a snorkeling housereef and if you go on one of the base cruises, there is a great opportunity to see tortoises, mantas, and great white whales in the area.

Its most important food service is the Café Gallery, which serves Mediterranean food with typical tastes. Maafushivaru's hidden joy is the wonderful uninhabitated twin isle of Lonubo. To have an immersive crusoe style adventure, take a brief cruise to this small secluded islet for a picnic, candlelight dinner or even an night at the Lonubo Beach Villa with its new whirlpool.

Luxurious mansions with Maldive accents. There are lightweight and breezy mansions on pylons above the lake, with room-high doors and easy entry to the sea. Diamonds Thudufushi Mansions The elegant whitewashed mansions here are remarkably roomy and feature five-star comforts. There are iMacs in the Waters Villa with a wide range of films and soundtrack.

The Water Villa offers visitors easy entry to its own Aqua restaurants, which offers a contemporary blend of a la care menus from Europe and Asia. Isruara is the only place to eat on the islands, but with the diversity of the food it is all you need, with buffets and grilled meats and sea food. Theme evenings are occasionally held and if desired, it is also possible to arrange personal dinners - the perfect spot for a relaxing lunch on the shore.

Surrounding the wide pools are wonderfully clear and perfect for aquatic sports. Bungalows are located on pylons above the lake and have a small bottom glazing that allows you to observe live underwater. Like most of the bigger isles, a major dining area with bar is available to you.

Monthly excursions include islands-hoping-tours, U-boat sight-seeing and sundown tours. You can choose one of the beachside villas for a view of the bay and the lake. Waterfront Villas here are uniquely located on the beaches but on the waterside. The Reethi Strand may have a relaxed ambience, but there is enough here if you are looking for something more energetic.

There is a choice of boat cruising, kite surfing, kayaking and boating on the canal. Scuba is another great attraction, with housereefs and several daily excursions further away. Since the Baa Atoll does not have a high resident populace, many of the area' s divesites are relatively underwater. For half-board, full-board or all-inclusive dining, the Rehendhi Restaurant serves an amazing selection of nighttime theme food ranging from shellfish to Chinese and Tex-Mex.

While the Reethi Grill and Saima Garden provide more intimacy under the star, the five bar areas feature three beautiful seaside shelters. The Maldive villa are semi-detached, free-standing or above water. All five a la carte places are small and private - the Banzai has only six people.

Accessible from points of entry around the islands, the housereef is ideal for snorkeling - often under tortoises - and diving spots can be accessed by a few minute boating from the diving base. Stylish Maldive mansions have contemporary interior spaces with wood flooring and high ceiling and are equipped with sophisticated features such as iPad and GoPro HERO5-camera.

Whirlpool bathhouses have giant open-air baths with tub. If you are looking for a seaside mansion with a swimmingpool you are sure to choose a swimmingpool mansion or one of the two-storey duplex villas - rarely found in the Maldives. You can reach the Oceans Villas and Oceanshell Villas by a step above the sea.

Dhonveli Cinnamon offers an inexpensive getaway to the Maldives and shows the variety of the Indian Sea, with dramatically wavy on one side of the islands and a tranquil snorkeling lake on the other. The two-story Exclusive Garden Bungalows (reserved from November to February for Kuoni UK exclusive guests) are loved for their spaciousness and value for money and for the fact that they are located in shady garden just a few paces from the sea.

One of the highlight here is the housereef. A stylish all-day dinning room with artful beach-inspired designs, Latitude serves a varied a la carte meal with international cooking every morning, while Open - The Grill next to the top swimming pools provides an Asiatic eating sensation.

If you want something more enchanting, you can enjoy your own meals, from remote sandbar pick nicks to dinner in a winery. They have a rustic-luxurious style, with impartial furnishing and elements of nature such as drift woodwork. The Superior Charm Coastal and Deluxe Delight Coastal are of two kinds: the Premium Indulgence Water Vilas following the bend on one side of the isle.

The Two Bedroom Nirvana Beach Suite with private pools are two-storey suits with a diving basin on the large decks. There is a housereef at a swim range and a water sports lake, as well as a breathtaking sandbar at the top of the isle. The food is original and genuine, with the kitchen reflected in the taste and ambience of each of the restaurants.

A special emphasis is placed on refreshing Asiatic flavors, among others in the Battuta restaurants, which serve meals from North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Captain s is the principal gastronomic centre, and there is also a café, an all-day meal in jade and meat and seafood in Faru. The rooms are spread all over the isle.

They are all Deluxe Beach Bungalows, surrounded by beautiful greenery and just a few paces from the sea. Every room has an outdoor showers and deckchairs, but what you won't find is a TV in the room that will divert you from what's important here - relaxing in the beautiful environment (although there is free Wi-Fi for those who need it).

Situated near the shore, the housereef is known as a naval safe dive and snorkel area. Ba'theli impresses for lunch with a stunning table decorated with a stunning theme based on dhoni tradition, which is open for supper and offers a cooking based on the islands inspiration. There is also the Ocean on waterfront café and a barbecue with two person cabins, an informal teppanyaki meal and a cellars.

Situated on the sunny side of the Isle, the resort has a Yogapavilion for hours of sundown. Classy, lightweight and breezy, the large mansions all have a privately owned swimming pool and a focus on life outdoors. The most of them are Water Swimming Baths, with a sweeping inflinity swimmingpool on deck with an above water pavilion/daybed and stairs directly into the sea.

For those who like to be on shore, Beach Swimming Villas have a large decking with beds and an elliptical swimming Pool in front of the sandy beach. Decide on one of the residence where you will have your own personal cook, your own cook and theater. It' even on its own islands, so visitors can spend an additional hours of sundown - a great example of the Shangri-La wait.

Javvu is the major coastal food court offering breakfast buffets and world cuisine. Shangri-La's position means that its visitors can enjoy a more genuine, multicultural side of the Maldives in addition to the islands' own lives. Giant luxury mansions lie in the tropic flora, on the beach, above water and even in the canopies.

Above water mansions have stairs directly to the sea, while the mansions on the isle have their own dive-pools. Neither does this swimming resorts ignore the main reason why travelers come to the Maldives; its routes includes sunrises, snorkeling, water sports, barbecue under the star and visiting small islets.

The Hulhule Iceland is the only one on the same islands as the Maldives Internationals Airports, so it is the perfect place to stay if your flights and transfer do not coincide and you need a stop-over in between. There is an unofficial sport theme lounge with a billiard tables, football tables and dart.

In this remote haven of not one but three separate isles, you can stay on the desolate sand of the little twin isles, Jehunuhura and Masleggihura, or just enjoy the area' s pristine beauties on a boat trip on a Katamaran or Sonnenunteruntergang DHI-boat. There is no housereef here, but the whole archipelago has some of the most amazing dive spots in the Atolls.

Our flagship canteen is a great place for breakfasts and dinners where you can savour our exquisite food, both locally and internationally, while enjoying a peaceful view of the Indian Ocean. One culinary delight is the islet barbecue, located on the remote Jehunuhura sand. The villas are located on the beach or above water, either on the sunny side of the beach at dawn or dusk.

YES Manafaru is a 35 acre large privately owned isle in the far northern Haa Alif Atoll. The food is delicious here, with a number of modern dining and dining facilities on the isle. The Kakuni Restuarant is the principal restuarant, a rich choice of Maldivian and world cuisine. White Orchid is the award-winning Asiatic merger diner among the à la carte eateries, while Andiamo Bistro & Pool offers Mediterranean specialties.

Each room has its own swimming pools, sundeck and a large bedroom. The Sunrise Water Villa's sunbathing in enormous floor-to-ceiling skylights, the quaint bungalows are secluded tropic hideaways, with a separate cabin on the shore and an open-air bath just a few paces away from the unspoilt sand. Do not make any mistakes, though - Finolhu is ultra-luxurious, with elegant privately owned mansions and five-star cuisine.

Begin your day with a long, cosy breakfast at the Baa Baa Beach Diner and select between Northern Africa specialties at the Baahaa Grill and Asiatic specialties at the Kanusan surface canteen. Our favorite food on the islands is the Fish & Crab Shack. There is a local White Party and even a local Mistress.

OAK Beache Club is the resort's community center with swimming pools, movie theaters, arcades and roof bars, and an expansive activities schedule features daily practice and UFC session with a dedicated instructor as well as water adventure ranging from snorkeling to high-octane jet blades. Amilla Fushi's twin isle, the A-list hiding place of Amilla Fushi, can also be reached by speed boat for half an hours.

Reed-covered mansions have lush splatters of crimson and golden, worried woods and antique tones like Marshall sounds. When you are a group or a whole hosts, go on tour with the entertaining Two Bedroom Rock Star Ocean Pool Villa. Only ten mins from Malé International Malé International Airports, this relaxing seaside retreat offers accessible luxuries and a relaxing bare-foot atmosphere.

While there is no swimming pools, the breathtaking sandy shores are the ideal place to relax for an afternoons while the Alizé Spa provides amazing spa treatment built on centuries-old Maldivian and Asiatic tradition. Maaga is the most important gastronomic centre on the islands, overlooking the beautiful beach, serving a wide range of internationally cuisine with tastes from the area.

We have selected the Garden Rooms for Kuoni visitors, which are located further away from the beaches in the lush islander. These free-standing villas are simply breathtaking, with immediate acces to the sea and outdoor en-suite facilities. At the North Malé Atoll, the Helengeli is a lively and freshly designed all-inclusive residence with a relaxing atmosphere.

On the beach for lunches and dinners, the barbecue is the resort's à la card specialty where you can dine on juicy shellfish and delicious barbecued meat with breathtaking Indian ocean outlooks. Only a few paces from the sea, with an outside patio and a spacious open-air bath room, while Lake Villas have the luxuries of a swimming complex with an above water level leading into the area.

The Beach Suites are a very luxurious sanctuary on the sunny side of the beach with large outside patios and a large swimmingpool for the ultimate pleasure. On the northeast edge of the tunnel, only 15 minutes from Malé International Airports, the isle has long been a favourite destination for scuba-diving.

Take the seasoned diving staff beyond the shore or take a snorkeling excursion to a lonely islet for a meal. Another shellfish restuarant offers shellfish specialties and crisp Hummer meals in a beautiful environment on the sandside. Visitors can satisfy their thirsts at the seaside cocktail lounge, which will be a great place to rest and recuperate after discovering the beautiful sea environment.

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