dp="mw-headline" id="Referenzen">Referenzen[edit]>> The Mangaweka is a townhip on State Highway One (SH1), Manawatu-Wanganui area, on New Zealand's northern island with almost 200 inhabitants. Located between Taihape in the south and Hunterville in the north[1] The Rangitikei River flows alongside the township known for river-raping, canoeing, angling and touring. Not only is the township interesting for the optically interesting historical Hauptstra├če, but also for the expanding artists' group. Since the SH1 was moved in the early 1980s, the Hauptstra├če has been retained in its former condition. It ripped the hearts out of the tinnitus when the highway became obsolete, but this is what makes the tinnitus a touristic destination today, as many stop to take pictures and see the thriving fine arts gallery.

Mangaweka's key characteristic is an enhanced DC-3-plane. There are several picturesque strolls around Mangaweka, one of which is on the former North Island River Trunk railroad and tunnel, which was substituted by a divergence in 1981. Well-known ( or notorious) persons who have been living in Mangaweka are the New Zealand writer Sam Hunt, the painter Robin White (whose mangaweka image is hung in Te Papa) and the photo maker and artiste Richard Aslett.

In October and November the disputed "Fakes & Forgeries Art Exhibition and Festival" takes place in the city, where Mangaweka's most renowned sire Carl Feodor Goldie (aka Karl Sim) was shown in 2007. Further important sights near the city are some of the country's largest railroad viaducts at the Mangaweka Deviation[2] and the Rangitikei River Canyon which forms the framework for the highest flight chestnut of the southern hemisphere, 80 meters Bungey jump and Lord of the Rings site and Mangaweka Assembly of God.

The Wikimedia Commons has mangaweka coverage.

You' ll know you're in Mangaweka when you see the legendary DC3 plane off the highways.

You' ll know you're in Mangaweka when you see the legendary DC3 plane off the highways. Papa Cliff Cafe offers great coffees and classical Ki-wi delicacies, while the old road is freezing in the air and offers a great place to stroll down and take pictures.

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