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Molokai's cultural scene is an interesting mixture of East and West. Lots for sale in Molokai, Maui Molokai is an own isle, but it is part of Maui County, which is why it is part of Maui MLS. Molokai is with its 38 x 10 mile ('61 x 16 km) and a land area of 260 sq. m. ('673.

40 km2) the fifth biggest of the most important islands in Hawaii.

About 7,500 inhabitants live in Molokai. Molokai's southern bank has the longest fringe of the USA and Molokai is also very good for angling. On the east half is clouded by luxuriant, moist woods, which receive over 7,600 mm of precipitation per year. Highlands are inhabited by indigenous Uhia Lhua (Metrosideros Polymorpha) tree and an abundance of indigenous wildlife and undergrowth.

The city of Kaunakakakai is the biggest city on Molokai isle.

The Molokai Land for Sell

Desirably Eas End Lotus For Sales With Ocean Views. Found in Pukoo about 16 leagues eastwards from the capital of Kaunakakakai. Brief walk to the beach and small market in Pukoo. Four hundred and sixty-six acre of undeveloped, unspoilt land. Near the city. About 14 acres of land, about two leagues eastwards of Kaunakakai city.

Breathtaking vistas of the oceans, mountains and the three islands of Maui, Lanai and Kahoolawe. Do you own a lovely part of Molokai. Construct your ideal home on this hard-to-find area. Situated in the midst of an old fishpond with a lovely seawiew. Magnificent plot directly at the sea in Kawela.

Already fitted as standard. About 17 acres of land, about two leagues eastwards of Kaunakakai city. Breathtaking views of the oceans, mountains and the three islands of Maui, Lanai and Kahoolawe. An 8.146sf undeveloped plot in the cold Kalae. Big undeveloped property at the end of a cul-de-sac in a peaceful location.

Sea and isle view with integrated watermeter. Beautiful sea view on this plot. Already fitted as standard. Near the city, shops and hospitals. Beautiful sea view and gentle slope, so that you can construct your perfect house here. meters to be used. In Papohaku Ranchlands and just a few minutes walk from the worlds renowned Papohaku Beach.

The Lot has a soft hillside with some sea view from Pa Loa Loop. 5 mornings on the Papohaku Ranchlands on Kaula Road. View to the south over Papohaku Bay, Ilio Point, Oahu and Diamond Head. Sundowns from the plot are all year round. Maunaloa City is 4 mile away with a post office and a general store.

Wonderful view from the hills to the Maui, Kaho'olawe, Lanai and the ocean. This land, 2+ acre, borders on 4400 acre nature reserve, which will never be cultivated. There is a watermeter, chestnut groves are situated, and the plot is only a brief ride to the shore, but far beyond any inundation.

" Impressive view of the Kawela Plantations Phase 2 from above. Overlooking Maui, Lanai and the wonderful sea. Near Kaunakakai, 20 min to the international airports, 10 min to the shops. It' a 15-minute snorkel trip to the Ostend and a 25-minute ride to the western side to see the stunning Molokai sundown.

View from Ahiu Rd. in Papohaku Ranchlands. It is at the top of the estate that opens up to hilly ranchland. The entrance to the shore is less than 5 min walking distance. Hiking, swim, diving, angling, snorkelling within 5 mins. The utility companies are on the street with meters.

The city of Kaunakakakai is 4 mile away, the capital of Kaunakakakai is 25 min driving and the international airports are 20 min away. There is a breathtaking and unobstructable panoramic area. Situated on a hillside with stunning vistas of Diamond Head, Oahu and Molokai's beautiful scenery. There' s a glimpse of Papohaku Beach.

Just 25 min from Kaunakakakai, 5 min from Maunaloa and 20 min from the Aiport. Twenty-six morgen of land. Beautiful plot, 1.5 mi from the Kaunakakakai city on the Kaloko'eli fishpond. The TMK # 10 has a watermeter on the area. The 5-hectare seaview plot is just a few walking steps away from 3km of Papohaku Beach.

The Papohaku Ranchland division, along the western shore of Molokai at Kaluakoi Resort, will include 5 acres of minimal lots for assured privacy, subterranean amenities, cobbled roads and sheltering CC&Rs to assure top-notch adjacent houses. To live in Papohaku is like 70 years in the past to go back to Hawaii - empty shores, few visitors, no stoplights (no traffic!), only the sparkling Honolulu light on the sky.

Great sea and Maunaloa Lot views on foot to grocery stores, parks and mail. They should carry out their own research and seek advice from appropriate experts to ascertain the correctness of the information provided and to respond to any question regarding ownership and the structure of the same.

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