Best Island in Vanuatu

Vanuatu's best island

There are five beautiful Vanuatu Isles you didn't know you had. While Vanuatu is no mystery as a tourist resort, many travelers come only to the island of Efate, where the capitol Port Vila is sited. Some of Vanuatu's most beautiful sites, however, are worth looking a little further away, to some of the lesser-known isles.

Here is a short tutorial on five Vanuatu Island, of which you may not have known: The Vanuatu Islands: Mt Yasur, the most open to the public and the most open to the public, is the biggest attraction, but Tanna Island also provides a series of adventures and culture experiences. Further attractions to visit are the submarine caverns and some of the most stunning coral cliffs in the canyon.

Malekula is the second biggest island in Vanuatu and one of the most cultural and linguistic richest island with more than 30 different language versions. Well-known for its tribes, old cannibals, migrations and sheltered seas. Also known as Santo, this is the biggest island of Vanuatu and is a 55 minute fly from Port Vila.

Whitsun is a small island, unspoilt and unspoilt with unspoilt rain forests, wonderful falls and crystalline sea water. This island is known for the shore dive rite "Nagol", in which men leap from a 20 meter high turret with only one grape hanging from its feet. This island, just south of Vanuatu's Efate, has a lush mossy foliage that covers old streams of water, proof of the consecutive harmful flares in the island's past.

Because of its vulcanic soil called "Black Island" - the two volcanos Mt Benbow and Mt Marum in Ambrym are definitely interesting to both.

Vanuatu Forum - Best travel season for Santo

In March 2008 I was on Efate Island and the wheather was not too cold. I' m looking to Santo this year and looking for any thoughts about a good season to go - preferential elections would be in late January and July - school vacations due to partner work obligations - or I could try again for March.

As I suspect, it would be better to offer travelling and lodging outside the holidays. Hello, Bruce, July would probably be a better season for you. In January you can count on higher air moisture and more precipitation. The price of holidays is more likely to impact on airfare than housing, but there may be a few more than that.

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