Norfolk Island Post Office

Isle of Norfolk Post Office

Stamps became Norfolk Island, Australia. SITE Norfolk Post Office. Norfolk Islands National Stamp Service. The Norfolk Island Philatelic Bureau View Stock Photo of Sheets Of Stamps On Post Office Wall Burnt Pine Norfolk Island External Territory Of Australia. Norfolk Post product printed in London.

... New butterfly commemorative stamps on a stock card & folder Very well done Great Topical.

northfolk island post and philatelically

Post offices operate under the 1983 Act on post office services, which stipulates postage fees to be the same as those of Australia Post. These fees may be varied by the post office, but any changes must be authorised by the Minister of Finance and become part of the Post Office Regulations.

Swiss Post collects and delivers all postal items to and from the island. Post is divided into different types of letter, large letter and other items (consisting of journals, packages and parcels). We will send all international post to Sydney for Australia or Auckland for New Zealand. The post can be sent as either expedited, by plane or by land.

You can buy packing and letterhead, mail a facsimile, buy or redeem an Aussie postal order, hire one of the 1001 personal mailboxes or make a reservation for Rawson Hall. Norfolk Island Philatelic Bureau works within the Norfolk Island Post Office and was founded to manufacture and circulate the Norfolk Island postage stamp, which is an important revenue stream for the island.

Philatelistic Office is in charge of: Sending new stamps to foreign philatelists in Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, London, New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Frankfurt.

UK COLONIES: Isle of Norfolk 25** overprint

Specify your philatelic name: - a stamp: The scans were made on the back of the philatelic photo to uncover the perforation of the philatelic. Do I manage buying, selling, evaluation and consignment sales? Collector's store has existed since 2007. Postal and accessory items, covers, postcards and greetings card, notes and coin.

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