Gambier Islands French Polynesia

Gambrian Islands French Polynesia

Gambier Islands are a group of coral reef islands in the southeast of the Tuamotu archipelago of French Polynesia. Currently flying only one scheduled flight a week from Tahiti, the islands of Gambier are the most isolated of the islands in French Polynesia. How late is it in Gambier Islands, French Polynesia?

the Mangareva & Gambier Islands | French Polynesia

Gambier-Archipel lies off the well-trodden paths. It is probably the most attractive of the islands of Tahiti.

Gambia French Polynesia

Here, in the city of Rikitea, are the only small boarding houses in the area.

Gambier Islands include Mangareva, Aukena, Taravai, Akamaru Island, Angakauitai, Manui, Tekava, Tepapuri and Tauna.

One of the cheapest ways to see several islands is the Air Tahiti Pass.

Further information is available under the telephone number 689 49 11 10 10 90 or on the Internet under Restaurant Lounge manareva Hammam & Spa.

TripAdvisor for the Cathedral of Saint-Michel de Rikitea. More information about the Mont Duff can be found under TripAdvisor.

The Rikitea-Ruinen has no internet site.

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