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Nadi to Yasawa Islands flights

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About Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Islands are the priceless gemstones in Fiji's much-vaunted treetis. Situated to the northern side of the Mamanuca group, the approximately 20 islands and small isles of the Yasawas extend 80 km to the South Pacific to the northern side. On the Yasawa Islands you will find the kind of "postcard perfect" tropic islands in dreamlike Fiji vacation booklets that inspired you to fly to Fiji with little more than a swimsuit and silong (sarong) or snowboard short and flower shirts.

The Yasawas, which are far from the Viti Levu land, are all the more appealing without a lack of sandy beach in the shade of palm trees and blue waters. From Viti Levu harbours in Port Denarau Marina or Lautoka, the two most important centers of the Fijian Cruises and Boats industries, the Yasawas are served by Cruisers.

You can also take a floatplane to the Yasawas if you are not into boat trips. The Yasawa Flyer is a shuttle bus that also jumps back and forth between the islands on a frequent basis, a particularly useful way to get around if you want to stay on a few different islands.

Yasawa Islands began shortly after Brooke Shields appeared out of the Blue Lagoon in 1980, beaming with confusion at her happiness in the midst of such exceptional naturalness. It is named after the lakes halfway between the islands of Turtle and Nanuya Laila.

The name Stunning Turtle Island (or Nanuya Levu is the name of the island of Fijian) is home to a small luxurious holiday destination in the Laguna, often preferred by honeymoons, VIPs and those looking for shelter. There are some magnificent walks on and over wooded volcano mounds that are rewarded by magnificent peak vistas, especially when they take place at the same time as the sun rises or sets.

Naviti Iceland, the biggest isle of the group, is situated just off Waya. Come and see us on a Sunday and you will also be sanctified with harmonious anthems that can be heard in the plaz.

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