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Search for cheap flights to Cook Islands with this page. Hello everyone, just a warning, the Air NZ Specials came out today for the direct flight from Sydney to Raro. In the event that Air Rarotonga cancels the tour for any reason, customers will have the choice to rebook without penaltys/surcharges. Hello everyone, just a warning, the Air NZ Specials came out today for the direct flight from Sydney to Raro. The Bluesky Cook Islands is thrilled.

Aitutaki Air Raro $99 Special Offer - Cook Islands Forum

Hello there folks-in the past have a few poles been reading about Luft Rharo having specials for $99 to $itutaki from Ronotonga once in a while - does anyone know if these can be entered on-line (if and if they are available), or are they for "on the day" type of purchases? No...

also with respect to the ad campain for the add on astronautaki Flights, does anyone know what the precise data of this sponsorship are? some poles have said it will run from may, but on website seems to suggest it won't start till August? anyone know for sure? thanks! The Air New Zealand website clearly states that the sales date for this offer is 31 May, with the date of the trip between 1 Aug and 18 Dec 09.

Dates are 30 June for a flight from 01 August to the middle of December, but this is unfortunately not a big help for you - please ask the Air NZ UK offices. Therefore, if you want to see Aitutaki but the external price of the flight is withholding it, I suggest you look for a special offer with Iceland Hopper Vacations, Rarotonga - fares, accommodation, transfer, crissclass.

This is really interesting, because this mornings was the deadline for the Aitutaki Specials on May 3rd. It seems that all specials are currently being expanded. . Just as a matter of interest, we were declared by an Air Raro executives a few weeks back that they had sliced their flights by 50% this year due to the decline in business.

So, if this keeps up, it could mean more specials - or as an alternative - fewer places. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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