Discover Austria's holiday and discover the best time and place to visit. No other farmer moves as effortlessly between town and nature as Austria. The Austrian daily Kurz calls on the EU to quickly strengthen its border troops. The German migrant trade triggers an Austrian border threat. Prior to the Second World War, Jews played an important role in Austria's economic and cultural life.

Tours to Austria

The Habsburgs channeled enormous riches into the visual art and musical heritage over the course of hundreds of years, and collected châteaux and fortresses just like other states. You can still sense their culture in Austria today - be it when Lipizzaners dance in the Royal Riding School of Spain, or when they cross the Hofburg to Rubens' masterworks in the Kunsthistorisches Museum or Klimt und Schiele in the MuseumsQuartier.

Works by classic applause such as Mozart, Strauss, Mahler, Haydn and Schubert are still performed in elaborately gold-plated venues, and musical events such as the Salzburg Festival or the Bregenz Festival are performed against an exalted lake or hill backdrop. This trip is really the goal in Austria. You may be winding through deep cut gorges, on tracks that rip open the Alps to unlikely wind your way along steep slopes, past blooming pastures and pastures.

The pistes buzz with snowboarders and snowboarders in November, while whitewater chevrons and canyons lure you to glacier streams and sparkling ponds like precious stones in August. The hill is calling - the hill is calling! The Austrian imagination conjures up a vision of gorgeous gothic Barock church with lush details, palace-like Habsburgs like Schönnbrunn Palace and Gothic coronations like St. Stephen's Cathedral.

There is a refreshing breeze of architectonic atmosphere and a feeling of newly found coolness throughout the towns and brings with it a fortunate combination of modern and historical. Be prepared to see Austria in a whole new perspective. There is more to Austria's cooking than schnitzel and knödel in bootsize, which are heavy as bowl-shaped.

Be it at a farmers' fair, in vintage look, a trendy new Brunchspot or a Michelin-star-café, the country's passion seems to reappear again and again. Spargel in Frühling, Marille (apricots) in Sommer, Pilze, Wild and new wines in Herbst - Austria loves to resonate with the season and the flavour of the well.

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