Best places to Visit in Fiji

The best excursion destinations in Fiji

So why did your friend say Fiji wasn't a good place? The best time is February, May, December. The Laucala Island in Fiji is one of the best places to plan a trip. This museum provides information about South Pacific culture and discusses the country's own history. When you' re out with children, there's good news.

Choose a beachside, any beachside

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday on the beaches, adventure in the rainforest or the ideal holiday for the whole families, the 333 Fiji isles have something to offer for everyone. South Pacific isles offer some of the most beautiful climate zones in the whole wide globe, with sunshine and cold sea breeze, which provide basically an infinite summers.

Fiji, the most visited tourist resort in the South Pacific, attracts more than 600,000 each year. Perhaps that is because this string of 333 islets combines a fair price w/ a broad range of visions, flavours and experiences for every travel constitution whether you are looking for a a romantic honeymoon point or your next closest one.

When the first thing that comes to your head when you think of Fiji is the beach, you are not alone. Don't miss a mythical beach sundown on Viti Levu's Natadola Beach, regarded by the natives as the best place on the islands to spend the sun. When you' re in the spirit of celebrating in class with your friends, visit Beachcomber Iceland, where you can spend the nights dancing and staying overnight on the beachcomber Iceland Resort (private rooms from $115 per night).

Visit the Nacula Islands Blaue Lagune (the same one from the 80s!) to experience enough shaky palms, crystalline water and hard corals to make you want to remain forever. The Treasure Iceland Resort nature preserve is ideal for snorkellers of all age groups for family-friendly entertainment (prices start at $389 per day for an office on the island).

TerraTreko offers a range of self-propelled beach and mountain walks around Pacific Harbour. Your waterfall tour is an epoxy 4-5 hours journey that involves a scenic journey to the waterfalls, lunches and lots of free day to unwind and savour the fruit of your labour (from $160 per person).

Register for the Terratrek Combo Tour, a snorkelling tour around the Beqa Lagoon, followed by a self-drive sand dunes buggy tour through the highland above Pacific Harbour (from $139 per person). Fiji's folks are known for being friendly and inviting, and often go out of their way to make sure you spend a great quality part of your life in their state.

For an entire night on the coral coast of Nadi, this Fiji Eco Travel guide provides a free transfer to and from your Nadi resort and a 30-minute hike along the Sigatoka sand dunes, a national archaeological heritage including Nakabuta Pottery Village, Sigatoka Town and Natadola Beach. You can also take a full-time Fiji Eco Excursion through the Nalesutale Highlands to find out more about Fiji herb medicine, visit Nalesutale Village, hike to a near-by cascade and eat a Fijian-style meal before stopping at a near-by poolside muddy area ( "both trips cost $82 per person, $41 per 6-12 year old child").

Fiji is our favourite: there is as much underwater nature as above. At Taveuni Liveaboard, try a guide or snorkeling excursion to one of the 25 favourite reefs. Adrenalin junkie can go swimming between nine local fish at 8:30am on Wednesday and Saturday from Coralview Island Resort (from $100 per capita through the Yasawa Lagoon).

While you may not consider the South Pacific as a golfer's paradise, Fiji offers some of the most stunning locations in the entire South Pacific, such as four championships in Viti Levu-Denarau, Pacific Harbour, Suva and Natadola, where Fiji International is being held this October, with hot sunshine and a cold breeze. What about these inexpensive insular retreats:

The Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island is a beachfront rental with prices from $235 per person per night. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Fiji Sonaisali Island, which will reopen in July 2016 with prices from $285 per overnight stay, is a great place to enjoy a few luxurious evenings for a delicacy.

On a Fiji excursion, one of the things we like is the possibility of extending your trip: Honolulu, Australia (only 4 hrs from Fiji) and New Zealand (only 3 hrs from Fiji!), not to speak of other airports such as Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Tonga and Christmas Island.

Fiji holidays can involve a stop in a nice series of South Pacific locations. On Fiji Airways, not only that, your South Pacific adventure begins the moment you get on the airplane - you can even sample a tasting of the island before arriving, thanks to Fiji's local dishes, wines and beers, and a typical beverage on the boat.

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