Waiheke Island places to Visit

Places of interest on Waiheke Island

Itineraries will take you to places on Waiheke Island that most tourists don't see. It' a beautiful place right on the beach. The Oneroa is a place where locals and tourists meet. Show all hotels near Waiheke Island. The Waiheke Island Jazz Festival takes place on Easter weekend.

This is Waiheke Island: Ultimate bucket list

Just 40 minutes by boat from Auckland city centre, Waiheke Island offers unspoilt shores, many dining and vineyard areas and many adventure pursuits. Waiheke is a wonderful place to visit, from zippling through the mountain to the island tastings. For gourmets, lovers of wines and the beauties of nature, you should set off on your next holiday on this New Zealand island.

Don't be fooled by the small island. There' is much to do, to see, to dine and to research on this wonderful island. On Waiheke Island family, couple and single travellers can relax and rejuvenate.

When there is one thing Waiheke Island is known for, it is the wealth of vines that pepper the island. Every nook and cranny seems to be a vine yard. For example, a trip through one (or more) sights on Waiheke Island is a top-attract. Travellers can pamper themselves on the island by strolling through several vines and find their favourite places to eat and drink.

Talking of food, after the evening of tastings you have to stay for supper. In each Waiheke vine yard, travellers can enjoy delicious food, a large choice of fine local vines and an amazing view. When you are looking for special suggestions, we like Te Motu Viceyard and Mudbrick Viceyard & Restaurant.

It is not only known for its wine and food cultures. A few other things to try (and maybe take home) are the traditional cheeses and regional cuisine. Travellers can even go on a trip to see the production processes of Waiheke extra virgin oils.

Visitors can stroll through the greenery, watch the machines for pressing the Olives and go to the tasting room to taste free tastings of Oliven, Olivenöl and Kraut! With many artefacts and photos that record the island's genuine past, the historical village provides revealing information about the island's past.

Inspired by an ancient Waiheke settlement, travellers can travel back in history to see what it was like for the first colonists on the island. The Waiheke Museum and the Historical Town of Old Waiheke are worth a visit. The Oneroa Beach is a quiet place on the island where travellers can float, study and observe sea birds floating above them.

Considering how calm this bank is, travellers will find the sandy spot a pleasant shelter. As for the best Waiheke is Oneroa on the itinerary. The other best spot on the island is Onetangi Island. The island has a flourishing artscene. The Waiheke is teeming with galeries, theatres, museums, and theatres.

On Waiheke Island there are a number of artisans who specialise in paintings, ceramics, glass making, sculpting, stone and more. To say all this, there are a number of works of artworks to discover on the island. Considering the small island you would not be expecting to find so many works of arts, both nationally and internationally, but these galeries have it all.

On Waiheke, the artscene is something impressing to discover. When you are an artists or just an arts lover, you are in your own kind of sky when you visit the city' s fine arts galeries, theatres, theatres, libaries and art/music venues on your journey to Waiheke.

With the sale of handicrafts, jewellery and ceramics as well as clothes, fruit, vegetable and bakery goods, the fair is one of the best places you can visit during your holidays. It' a place where natives meet up with their buddies, enjoy the delicious scent of soap and skin care and try their hand at exploring traditional arts.

When you travel to Waiheke over Easter, the island's jazz festival is an experience that all jazz enthusiasts should visit. There will be tens of thousand of visitors to the island on this occasion. There is always a large selection of musicans, both locally and internationally.

When attending the Waiheke Island Annual Jazz Festival is a top event for you, you need to schedule your Easter week. Surely Waiheke Island is something for the adventurer. And if you want something less intensive, you can take a ride or even a walk on the island.

If you choose to zip your way through the island's forest, EcoZip is the most important tourist destination on Waiheke. They can zip over a vine yard and through the forest (we go to the grandmother's house!). Seeing the island from this high point of view is an unbelievable and unforgettable one. Last thing you want is your mobile or your telephone getting wandered in the forest during your zip lining quest on Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Island's 40 -minute drive from Waiheke Island to downtown Auckland Harbour. When you want to go to Auckland, take a look at the most important things in Auckland before setting off. Situated on the south of the island, Whakanewha Regional Park is a place for walkers.

Whakanewha Regional Park is surrounded by such a flourishing natural environment that it is the best place to hike. If the activity in other parts of New Zealand becomes too overpowering, Whakanewha will be a piece of paradise in the midst of the noises.

Wakanewha is home to all these and more. On Waiheke Island, as stated at the beginning of this paper, the number 1 is a visit to a vine yard. After you visit one, you visit another. It has a sun-drenched, friendly, warm and inviting environment that blends with a lively and peaceful countryside to provide the ideal ambience.

There are over 32 boutiques on the island. Drinking a glass of fine red wines while the setting sundown is a scenic one. Take your camera to catch the moments, or just hold it with your eye and save it in your long-term memories so you can recall the beautiful look, scent and flavour of your Waiheke Island vine.

For a different kind of vine growing, we recommend a walk through Stonyridge-Vinyard. The Stonyridfe Wineyard has high class reds, so if you are a reds lover, this is definitely a place to visit. Also while you are there, make sure you taste some crisply baked goods and extra virgin oil.

The Waiheke Island is a must for every winelover, artist, nature enthusiast and adventurer. Will you be prepared to make your journey to this New Zealand island? If you' ve been to Waiheke Island before, let us know your travel highlight in the comment box below!

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